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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 7

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Happy Friday, and welcome back to another edition of WWBWWBD, the weekly column where the OTE editorial staff pretends that we spend game day doing the exact same mundane things you do rather than enjoying beluga caviar and fine champagne in the company of models from our box seats with the other highly paid “writers”.

Some of us are watching Ryan Field turn red as Northwestern plays an away game in their own stadium, others will be watching Goldy Gopher get beaten to death with his own stupid oar, but all of us will be relaxing and watching football... except MNW, who has another fall wedding to go to.

I have to go in to the office tomorrow morning, so by the time I get home I’ll probably have missed the first quarter. While I’m playing catch up by fast forwarding through the commercials on the DVR I’ll be making chicken and waffles and enjoying a nice assortment of random pumpkin beers leftover from six packs I didn’t finish, along with Curmudgeon’s Better Half from Founders.

I’ll be watching the ’Cats - Huskers game in beautiful Evanston, IL. I’ll bring up a few local beers, perhaps a Goose Island 312 or a Daisy Cutter.

Aaron Kellyclarksonski
I’ll be in Detroit, unoccupied on football Saturday for the last time until the Nebraska game, so I suppose I’ll watch MSU get its collective head caved in by PSU.

I’ll be in Lincoln. My former book club is doing a book swap in the morning which I’m suuuuuper excited about! (Yes, the non-AAU is the nerdiest one here--narrative spoiler!) Later in the afternoon, I’ll be celebrating my nephew’s 2nd birthday. In between, I may catch some hot NU-NU action, but whatever happens on the field, there will be cake for BRT. Drink forecast includes lots of coffee, probably some lemonade, and raiding my brother’s beer fridge, which usually has a dece selection.

Fall weddings are stupid. Stop having fall weddings, people.

So that’s where I’ll be -- scenic Eau Claire fucking wisconsin, as one of the wife’s college roommates is getting married there. Drink will be whatever we put in a flask. The one nice part is that since Mrs. MNW went to UWEC, we know (and enjoy) the downtown, so that once we grow weary of the wedding it’s a quick cab ride to the up-and-coming downtown, where we’ve got a number of bars we’re looking to get back to.

I’m a personal fan of the Brewing Projekt which, along with Lazy Monk, is forming a pretty formidable brewing avenue along the Chippewa River. Hoping to grab a little of their Stolen Mile session ale (basil, lemongrass, lemon zest fuck yeaaaaah) before it’s out for the season, any of the Dare Mighty Things have been winners for me, and apparently their RESIST Milkshake IPA is damn good. But between TBP, Lazy Monk, the Livery, and the Firehouse, I think there’s more than enough to keep us busy...until we get drunk and the UWEC grads among us decide they HAVE to go to Water Street. I am 28 years old, goddamnit, I am not setting foot in The Pickle.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I will be at work, possibly listening to the game if our store’s radio proves capable enough. If not, I should be heading home just in time to hear some part of the 4th quarter. As per usual, Vanilla Coke awaits at home, win or (more likely) lose.

I’ll be with the ESPN Gameday crew in Ann Arbor this weekend for the Michigan/Wisconsin game. The next two weekends will go a long way toward revealing what kind of team Michigan has, and I’ll be on hand for both games.

Well, the cool, crisp fall days will finally be upon us. I plan to be doing some final yard preparation for the winter. After that, kicking back and drinking some of the New Glarus my parents brought back from Wisconsin for me.

For week 7 I’m back in Framingham, MA. I’ll be watching the games from my family room drinking whatever’s cold in the refrigerator (meaning it’s probably off to the liquor store Friday).

I’m in State College, PA for homecoming against Sparty. I’ll be hanging out with a whole crew of townies. You may find us at Cafe 210, Zeno’s, or The Phyrst. I’ll be drinking something nostalgic, like Rolling Rock ponies at Skeller.

Dead Read
I will be in lovely downtown Lincoln. It is unclear if I will be able to watch the Husker game, but missing it might be a blessing.

Between the Gophers having a bye and the International weekend for soccer, I’m going to be very productive. Leaves need to be cleaned up while enjoying Irish coffee in the morning, there’s a youth camp before the badgers-Gophers soccer match in the afternoon that I’ll be taking Kid1 to, and then a Volleyball match against Northwestern with Kid2. There might be a beer in there somewhere (particularly if Kid2 wants to go get tacos on campus), but for the most part it’ll be a day full of Sprite.

App State played Tuesday night, and Wisconsin doesn’t play until Saturday night. I’d say I expect to be up in Danville on Saturday for the game, but it seems both of the kiddos are...quite sick, you know, like kids are. I don’t want to throw up for three days at the start of next week, so I may just relax down here in Greensboro, drinking my favorite generic label version of Pumpkin Ale.

I’ll be in Champaign roughly 7 hours after I get my goddamn car back from the goddamn shop. This means I’ll be getting there around bars-closing-o-clock so I’ll get a fuckin nap in before i get to meet up with all my old friends Saturday...and alienate them all by going to watch Illinois Fuckin Football get fucking waxed 56-0 while wearing uniforms without our school colors on them. I’ll just drink some fuckin everclear or something.

Now that you know where to track down your favorite “writers” so you can complain to us in person instead of sliding headfirst into our Twitter mentions, how will the rest of you be spending game day? Are you writing letters of recommendation for Mark Dantonio so another school will hire him away and nobody has to pay his buyout? Are you shoving a couple of kids into a trench coat Little Rascals style so they can pretend to be MNW at the wedding and he can sneak out? Let us know in the comments!