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Mailbag Request With Extra Chaos

Don’t let us come up a yard short. Ask questions!

Is a 0.7 QBR worse than Blutarsky’s 0.0 GPA?
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

That was quite a weekend, wasn’t it? Penn State and Nebraska overcame win probabilities in the 90th percentile to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Ohio State failed to cover and needed at least 7 points (and maybe 14, depending on how you feel about the Tyler Johnson “fumble”) to get past Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue, and Maryland all made mockeries of their opponent, and Alex Hornibrook led wisconsin to a ranking right around where they belong with his Blutarskyian 0.7 QBR for the game. There was something for nearly everyone yesterday, so I’m hoping that you can really make us use our brains with some great questions this week. Things like “Would Rutgers be better with Tim Brewster as their coach?” or “Would a dachshund be more effective at QB for the badgers than Hornibrook?” or “Will WSR eat a Runza in Nebraska next weekend?” are all perfectly acceptable questions.

So fire away, have a great day, and remember that things can’t be any worse next weekend. Unless you cheer for Illinois or Rutgers. You should definitely take up crochet instead if you’re a fan of those teams.