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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 8

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Welcome back everyone! Allow me to be the first to wish everyone a happy Friday and welcome back to another edition of WWBWWBD: The weekly segment where your OTE “writers” detail how they’ll be curing their Saturday morning hangovers. This week you’ll get the chance to see Jim Harbaugh try to double his win total (1-6, lol) in rivalry games when he takes the field for the Michigan Derby, James Franklin will take a break from not learning the rules of football to run the score up on Indiana, and Purdue Harbor will try to make a magnificent comeback.

I’ll be waking up with a nice pumpkin porter and breakfast courtesy of Ace Biscuit and Barbecue here in town. After the Iowa game I’ll be taking a trip to The Veil Brewing in Richmond.

East Lansing. Here is the quote from my tailgate leader:

I will be making breakfast burritos made to order with your choice of smoked pork, chorizo, eggs, potato, cheese, onion, and a variety of peppers.

Should be a great game.

It’s looking like I’ll be home in NE Indiana, watching to see if the Harbor strikes again. I shall be drinking some 15-year old Highland Park Single Malt. Should the spirit so move me, I’ll switch over to Jefferson Reserve Kentucky Bourbon around halftime.

Ace Klaponclapoffski
Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia, for an old friend’s wedding. The worst part of which is not that it’s on a fall Saturday, but that to get there I must traverse the entire depth of Ohio. At least the rest areas are nice. Drinking? Oh, I dunno, this is a wedding in West Virginia, I can’t imagine there’ll be much drinking.

I’ll be in my apartment, and I picked up a bunch of Revolution Brewing beers to watch the ‘Cats defeat Buttgers.

For the first time since 1990 I’ll be in Lincoln, Nebraska watching my Gophers play against the children of the corn, although I expect the results to be quite different. And I’ll be bringing some Grain Belt Nordeast with me across state lines. While it’s not quite Texarkana-to-Atlanta, I’ll still probably listen to some Jerry Reed on the drive because Jerry Reed was awesome.

Dead Read
I’ll be in lovely Lincoln, but it looks like I won’t be able to watch the game. What a damn shame.

Candystripes for Breakfast
A glorious Saturday off will probably be spent at home paying just enough attention to IU-Penn State that I can fully tune in if there’s a chance it might be good, but not being surprised when it ends up not being so. Also, this is on ABC, so oh boy the whole country gets to see us suck. Pass the Vanilla Coke and keep them coming.

The frequent flier mile continue to accumulate. I’ll be in East Lansing this weekend to see Michigan battle Michigan State for bragging rights – and the Paul Bunyan trophy. Anything I should do or see – or eat or drink – on or around campus?

A Saturday at home! I’ve got some mapping/stats work to do for the diss, so working on that while West Ham disappoints me in the background until Northwestern-Rutgers starts. At halftime of that we’ll throw some bacon in the oven, and I’ll drink some Fair State Brewing Co Pahlay’ahlay Pale Ale or Mirror Universe IPA to balance out the sours (start with the Roselle and work to the sour smoked beer) I’ll get from the brewery that I definitely own.

I’ll be seeing if Nebraska can make it 0-7 (#believe) and towering over my colleague WhiteSpeedReceiver while I show him the Lincoln game day experience. We shall be drinking local! Boiler Brewing, Kincaider, and Zipline; as well as (I hope) enjoying a burger at Honest Abe’s, an Abraham Lincoln-themed burger joint, because of course.

Pretty sure I’ll be in Greensboro, hosting 2-3 dogs, and probably mostly ignoring football because I’m a single adult homeowner and have to get outdoorsy stuff done while it’s light out but also not too cold yet. And also because basically all results from Wisconsin vs. Illinois will be meh at best. I assume I’ll be hitting the water HARD but may sneak in a seasonal beer.

Back at Kinnick for the only time in October. First 11 am game, too. Going to be a short tailgate that’s likely to be a bit sparse due to it being homecoming and a lot of our tailgating group will be in the fossil band. Going to be something simple this week, maybe pork chop sandwiches.

I will be in Albuquerque getting turnt on the last day of my field’s annual meeting. Learning about vertebrate paleontology AND partying. Will NOT be watching the dumpster fire of a Rutgers game.

Gonna be in Boise, ID for a mini-vacation. Drinking whatever local beers I can find.

That’s it for us, but what about the rest of you jabronis? Are you donning your finest Bo Schembechler hat while you complain to the manager of an East Lansing steak house over something innocuous your server did? Are you scouring the universe collecting infinity stones so you can snap your fingers and make Rutgers disappear from the league? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!