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Mailbag Request Is At The Bottom Of The Harbor

You ask, we give non answers!

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

So this week was fun as hell, wasn’t it? Nebraska picked up their first win of the season by beating their true B1G West rivals, and the $5 Bits of Broken Chair will stay in Lincoln until until they play for it again in PJ Fleck’s 3rd year zero.

Pat Fitzgerald, perhaps the only P5 coach in the country capable of losing to Rutgers, did everything in his power to lose in Piscataway and give Rutgers their first (only) conference win of the year, but in the end Rutgers was always gonna rutger their way out of victory. Iowa earned a transitive victory over Texas (who is supposedly “back”) by flipping Testudo over onto his shell and watching him flail his legs around for zero points and barely a hundred yards of offense, while the Wolverines bested their in-state rivals and handled it with all the grace and nobility of a team who has been there before... jk lol they acted like an 8 year old who just beat their older brother in Mouse Trap for the first time ever.

Purdue Harbor made a triumphant comeback as Ohio State was absolutely dominated in a cross divisional road game at night against a team wearing all black for the second year in a row. Can someone send Urban Meyer’s resume to my company? I would give anything to be as bad at my job as Greg Schiano and still have his infinite job security.

James Franklin did nothing that he deserves credit for.

So what questions do you guys have for us this week? It can be about football, beer, dogs, art, or whatever you feel like, we just wish you’d take an interest in our lives every once in a while. Ask away!