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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 9

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the spookiest week of college football. This is WWBWWBD: The weekly segment where the OTE editorial staff enables your weekend day drinking while we also talk about food and complain about fall weddings and stuff. In addition to ghosts and goblins, this week we’ve got a Cornhusker squad eager to prevent Bethune Cookman from getting a transitive win over PJ Fleck, A Hawkeye invasion of the Keystone State, and Rutgers trying desperately not to lose their bye week (seriously though, you know there’s going to be a non-football related injury or a high profile arrest or something). Let’s go around the country and see what your well adjusted “writers” are up to this weekend:

Creighton M-m-m-m-MUMMY!
I have to go to the office tomorrow morning, but when I get back I’m making quiche and pouring some Breakfast Stout. I’ll be watching the games from my own couch this weekend while I work through a nice assortment I picked up at my beer store this weekend.

Candystripes For Bloodfest
Man, Friday night games are weird. I’m sure I will be at home for at least some part of the game, but there’s a non-zero chance I will find my way to a Buffalo Wild Wings around kick time. Given that I’ll still have to drive home, probably just Pepsi to drink.

HELLO, EVANSTON! With wisconsin coming to town and the West `on the line`, I’d hoped for an afternoon kick to get us a little extra tailgating time. Being left hanging, though, we’ll soldier on with a special tailgate to both accommodate our visiting friends from wisconsin and prepare for a 10-hour tailgate ahead of the Notre Dame game. Plus, I’m a sucker for those lake views.

Beer will start from Hamm’s and proceed up the ladder of quality depending on what others bring; I’ll have a Summit Fall Sampler to share, too. We’ll likely pass around some Jag and maybe Malort, and many a drinking game will be played. I love fall weather.

Townie (But the town is Silent Hill)
Back in NoFla for the worst weekend in college football. Not only do my Nittany Lions take on Iowa /spits...but it’s Florida/Georgia weekend. Hide yer women and children, folks. My little town will be over-run by giant red 4x4’s. Confederate battle flags will fly. And the beach will be covered with acres tattooed fat people of Walmart. There will be gallons of busch light drunk this weekend...just not by me. I’ll be sitting down to one of my favorite fall beers - no not any fluffy ass fruit beers. Einstok White from Iceland. I love this stuff, but it’s purely special occasion beer for me. So, a couple pounds of fresh shrimp, two sixes of Einstok, and a PSU ass kicking is on my radar this weekend...since I can’t leave my house.

I’ll be back in Evanston, Illinois, and I’ll bring up a some of the leftover Revolution Brewing beers I didn’t drink when I had a few friends over to watch Northwestern defeat buttgers.

Anthony Frankensteinski
Bay City, MI for another wedding. Just as well, basketball season hasn’t started yet y’all.

Somewhere in the middle of pennsylvania, because fall means wedding season.

Home in NE Indiana. Probably drinking water this go-round. Oh yeah, almost forgot. I also have to take the kiddos to a couple of those 'Trunk N' Treat' thingys. Growing up in the farmland of Northern Indiana, we never got to do much Trick or Treating, so thumbs up to whomever came up with this idea.

After a seven-week stretch in which I traveled to six games in four different stadiums in three different states, I’ll be enjoying a bye week from the comforts of my couch in sunny Southern California this weekend.

Un-Dead Read
I will be in lovely Lincoln. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the game. I picked a good season to be be busy on Saturdays.

Tonight I’ll be in Minneapolis for our showdown with the Hoosiers while drinking whatever I can to keep warm and dry. There’s a very real chance that a few little bottles of baileys or fireball get brought in to help some coffee. And after that for the weekend? No idea.

(Killer) Bees
I’m in Danville Virginia, right now, pumpkin generic beer in hand, ready and excited for some wings and some App State Thursday football! Saturday I’ll probably be back up here drinking a trippel my friend got to make.

I’ll be at home, catching an exciting game against Bethune-Cookman. I should be grading, but I will probably choose to do something like paint my stairwell or winterize my garden or some other non-critical house task, because everything is better than grading. I shall be hydrating responsibly and enjoying this game, because I probably will not enjoy next week’s at all.

[various undead gargling noises]

That’s it for us, but what about the rest of you guys and gals? Are you heading to the game wearing the scariest costume you can think of (by which I mean a premature contract extension for Jim Harbaugh)? Are you staying up all night watching slasher films just so you can think about something less scary than any of the teams in this conference meeting Alabama in the playoff? Let us know in the comments!