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The Relaxing Weekend Mailbag Request

This past Saturday was really fun! We should do it again.

“Aw crumbs. Mr. Barry’s going to be cross.”
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

HI EVERYBODY! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty OK. There’s something great about Minnesota getting it’s win out of the way Friday night so I can watch all my friends in the Quadrangle go out there and try on Saturday. Nebraska, Iowa, and wisconsin all went out there and were a lot of fun to watch on Saturday. And the next opponent for the Gophers, the “Fighting” Illini? Yeah, Thump is not taking their performance against Maryland very well at all. The only thing we were missing was Purdue coming crashing back to Earth following their ritual disembowelment of tOSU, and...oh my. Like I said, a great weekend (Especially when you throw in a number of other results from around the country. Looking at you, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, and USC.)

But what did we really learn? Anything? What would you like to have learned? What’s the best way to prepare egg whites? How great is Grain Belt? Which OTE writer would we want to help us move? Ask us anything, and we’ll try to answer the best of the bunch.