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Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 9

A little shakeup in the Big Ten, sure, but HOO BOY THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE IN THE PAC-12

Washington State v Stanford
Give me this man against Urban Meyer. GIVE ME IT.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

My goodness, what a weekend for upsets and general college football-related shenanigans.

Washington went to Cal and laid an egg of colossal proportions, throwing the Golden Bears back into bowl eligibility and leaving the conference wide open for a Utah-Washington State Pac-12 conference championship game, which, lol.

Texas, notably Back, went up to Stillwater and realized they were going to lose to unranked Oklahoma State juuuuust a little too late to rescue the game. But that wasn’t even the dumbest thing in the Big XII, where Iowa State used a strong second half to beat Texas Tech. No, that would come in Lawrence, where...dear God, Kansas beat TCU. What the hell.

None of this touches a college football world, covered brilliantly by Bill Connelly and SBNation on Monday, in which Kentucky could win the SEC East, Virginia could win the ACC Coastal, and North-fucking-western is a game and a half ahead in the Big Ten West. Jesus.

So how do we handle all this? By cooking up bowl projections in which the Pac-12 could have two teams more than bowl tie-ins, where “Washington State to the CFP” is not inconceivable, and where I have to figure out whether Purdue or wisconsin goes to the Gator Bowl. I know.

Finally, a word on the formatting: I dunno. Sorry.

Bowl Projections, Post-Week 9

As always: Disagree? Noted a number of repeats (I’m sure there’s at least one; just look harder)? Formatting not working for you? Let me know in the comments so I can laugh at you and maybe try to fix things next week.

Fuck Notre Dame.