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A B1G Look at the 10/30 Playoff Rankings

It wasn’t a great start for the B1G, but it’s not terrible either.

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The first edition of the College Football Playoff rankings came out earlier tonight, and there’s a clear path for a B1G team if they want to walk it. The top 4 teams right now are Alabama, Clemson, LSU, and Notre Dame.

The first two are more than warranted, as they’re far and away the best two teams in college football this season and appear to be on a collision course for the title game.

The next two? Well...ummm...LSU is there for now, but that will probably be rectified after a date with the Crimson Tide on Saturday.

And Notre Dame is just...there. They’ve beaten everyone in front of them, which is admirable (PLEASE PAY NO ATTENTION TO UCF), I guess. Way to go.

But right after them?’s the by God Michigan Wolverines of this very parish. The Wolverines have ascended to this lofty perch by virtue of...losing to Notre Dame and beating some football teams. GRAPE JOB!

Following Michigan is Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington State, Kentucky, and AN Ohio State University. At this point in time I’d say things aren’t looking too great for the Buckeyes, but they do get a shot at what may be a Top 4 Michigan to bolster their resume. While I wouldn’t bet any of Beez’s money on them making the playoff, weirder things have happened.

Other B1G teams that made the Top 25 are Penn State at 14 and Iowa at 16. While it is unlikely that either team will make the playoff, they could be in good position to get to a NY6 bowl game depending on how things shake out through the rest of the season. And while I haven’t been able to confirm that there was an error, the preseason AP #4 wisconsin badgers appear to be missing. I’m sure this is just an oversight that will be corrected shortly.

What do you fine folks think? Will the B1G get represented in the Final Four, or will we just have to rely on someone making us proud in the Granddaddy of them all by beating Utah? Will another B1G team crack the rankings next week? Fire away in the comments, and have a pleasant night.