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Maryland parts ways with embattled coach

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland football coach DJ Durkin was fired today by Maryland president Wallace Loh, against the inexplicable recommendation of the school’s Board of Regents.

Apparently, the board of trustees only has the authority to hire/fire the university president, and they were fixated on retaining coach Durkin.

ESPN has more information on that:

“The board of regents insisted that DJ return, and this has been their highest priority,” a source with knowledge of the situation told ESPN. “Some regents appeared to be obsessed with it. The problem is they don’t have the authority to hire and fire DJ, but they made it clear that is their main priority here. Because they can’t hire and fire anybody, which they finally realized, they told Wallace Loh that they wanted him to bring DJ back, and the clear message was that if Loh was not willing to bring DJ back right away they would fire [Loh] immediately and then see who the acting president was and get that person to [retain Durkin].”

What the fuck.

(UMD) President Loh decided to do the right thing after two days of vigorous protests from Maryland governor Larry Hogan, Maryland football players, parents of those football players, Maryland students, Maryland fans, pretty much all of humanity, and the family of Jordan McNair, the lineman who died in may of heatstroke.


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