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This Mailbag Request Can’t Have A BLT.

No pig, you see.

Iowa football players celebrate a successful weekend of job interviews outside of Iowa, in addition to a little football game.

Well, it happened again. Rutgers lost. I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too. But sooner or later we need to accept that these things happen. But some things are less predictable. Like Iowa getting 400 yards of offense, of which only 100 came on the ground. Or Michigan putting upyards and points against a team. Or that Michigan State and Northwestern combined to score nearly 50 whole points without needing 7 overtimes! Heady times indeed, dear reader.

So what would you like to know about from either the past or THE FUTURE? Do please ask and we shall endeavor to do our best (which is clearly quite subjective, if you’ve read our predictions at any point every). But please, let us enlighten and entertain you to the very best of our abilities.