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The Big Ten in the College Football Playoff Rankings: Is it all on Michigan?

plus lol northwestern’s ranked

Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Well, as usual, the totally-not-media-manufactured College Football Playoff rankings came out, giving the pundits something to shout about for another wee—oh wait, no one inside the Top 10 changed places, because none of them lost.

I guess it’s a week of arguing about whether UCF should crack the Top 10.

B1G Talking Points

  • Yep, it’s in your best interests to hope Northwestern keeps winning...if you’re a fan of Michigan or Ohio State. The ‘Cats have cracked the Top 25 at 6-4...but don’t worry, they’re still right behind a 6-4 SEC team, just for consistency’s sake.
  • There’s actual cause for concern for Georgia: The Bulldogs have UMass for Sacrifice Saturday and Georgia Tech to close the season, while Oklahoma has a UMass equivalent in Kansas but closes with #9 West Virginia. I’d bump 11-1 Oklahoma to #5 over 11-1 Georgia.
  • Does anyone see a way Ohio State gets into the playoff, though? The winner of WVU-OKU will stay above the Bucks unless they really cream Michigan and Northwestern, and even then...
  • ...holy crap, Wazzu is still here.
  • It’s not quite their version of Chickenshit Saturday, since it’s Big Ten-mandated that they have to play Rutgers, but Penn State, with Rutgers and Maryland left on the schedule, should be able to sneak up from their #14 ranking when Syracuse loses to Notre Dame and/or Boston College. Congrats on somehow finding an NY6 bowl, James Franklin.
  • Iowa State, Kentucky, Boston College, Northwestern, Utah State, and Cincinnati are all ranked, while wisconsin and Iowa are not. Warms my cold, dead heart.

The Rankings

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-0)

2. Clemson Tigers (10-0)

3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (10-0)

4. Michigan Wolverines (9-1)

5. Georgia Bulldogs (9-1)

6. Oklahoma Sooners (9-1)

7. LSU Tigers (8-2)

8. Washington State Cougars (9-1)

9. West Virginia Mountaineers (8-1)

10. Ohio State Buckeyes (9-1)

11. UCF Knights (9-0)

12. Syracuse Orange (8-2)

13. Florida Gators (7-3)

14. Penn State Nittany Lions (7-3)

15. Texas Longhorns (7-3)

16. Iowa St. Cyclones (6-3)

17. Kentucky Wildcats (7-3)

18. Washington Huskies (7-3)

19. Utah Utes (7-3)

20. Boston College Eagles (7-3)

21. Mississippi St. Bulldogs (6-4)

22. Northwestern Wildcats (6-4)

23. Utah State Aggies (9-1)

24. Cincinnati Bearcats (9-1)

25. Boise State Broncos (8-2)