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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Happy Friday, and welcome to week 10 everyone. This is Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: The weekly segment where your OTE editorial staff lists their alibis for the weekend. This week Penn State and Michigan have their annual battle for second place, Northwestern brings shame and dishonor to our conference by losing to Notre Dame, and Minnesota rows Lovie Smith out to sea like a good old fashioned Viking funeral. Time to go around the country and see what everyone is up to.

I miraculously have nowhere to be on Saturday morning, so I’ll be able to watch EPL before college football this weekend. I’m going to make quiche and enjoy the tail end of pumpkin beer season to the fullest before winter ale season kicks off. You guys ever notice that winter ale season starts earlier and earlier each year?

Andy Klormpklomp
When MSU kicks off at noon EST, I’ll be at the Fort Lauderdale airport on a layover to Peru, where I definitely don’t plan to slip away from the tour group to go in search of Incan gold like I’m living the plot of Uncharted. Definitely not.

This weekend is Boilermaker Kids’ Club weekend. As such, I plan on taking Boilerboy down to West Lafayette to see if David Blough and Co. get the offense unstuck. Also, because Boilerboy will be in tow, I’m not planning on pregaming much. If I do, I plan to try out the new Boiler Black American Black Ale.

Oof. I don’t have too much interest in watching an angry OSU work out their Boiler-induced frustration on my poor Huskers. I’ll either be painting my stairwell or grading exams during the carnage. I don’t mind painting, but it’s a straight toss-up of which is more painful between grading and this game.

Going to be a beautiful weekend in North Florida. Probably going to do a big shrimp boil or maybe a beach bonfire after PSU whips Michigan. Regardless, I’ll be drinking old fashioneds. I’m going to get a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey for the occasion.

Having been an App State fan for eleven years, I know what it’s like to watch games involving an FCS opponent. As such, I don’t really feel the need to watch Wisconsin this weekend. I’ll probably be up in Danville, VA drinking a generic pumpkin or oktoberfest beer, attending a food truck rodeo and a day of the dead block party, and hoping all your favorite teams lose.

I’ll be in Evanston, watching the cats take on the Fighting Irish. Before the game I’ll bring up a few local beers, probably the hoppy stuff I like. The hoppier the better.

I’m in Lincoln. When I heard the OSU game was at 11, I knew I would miss it due to a previous engagement (which I made as soon as possible).

Brian Gillis
I’ll be back in Ann Arbor this weekend to watch Michigan battle Penn State in the Big House.


...that, uh, that’s definitely not what I’ll be doing. No way. But our makeshift tailgate was so successful last week that we’re going to reprise it for Notre Dame, in part because we’ll be joined by two different sets of old friends who are coming in from LA for this one. Since we decided last week was special enough to do it again, that means enjoying the sun rising over Lake Michigan with the hoi polloi of Northwestern football, if there could be such a thing. We’ve got some residual Hamm’s supplies that we’ll replenish this weekend, and I actually need to go pick something up from the beer store. If I have my druthers, I’m thinking a sampler pack from Indeed Brewing Co. in NE Minneapolis.

Shit, I wonder if anyone’s bringing any food...

I’ll be somewhere in Minnesota. I’m not sure yet. Probably won’t be drinking, but if it does happen it’ll probably be Jameson on the rocks.

Now that you know how your “writers” are making the pain of defeat go away, what about the rest of you? Are you calling the Guinness Book of World Records to nominate Rutgers for the loosely defined category of “worst”? Are you drawing Lil’ Red in the snow on Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of watching Urban Meyer come down on your beloved Cornhuskers like Johnny Lawman after a botched train robbery? Let us know in the comments!