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Uh-Oh, Ohio State: New CFP Rankings Released

The Buckeyes stay at 10 in the new College Football Playoff rankings. Is it Michigan or bust for the conference?

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State
No, dude, you’re 10th.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

So we, uh, we talked about the Big Ten and bowl projections today, wondering if the conference could possibly help the UCF Knights shatter the existing bowl order of P5 teams.

It appears UCF might not need our help.

The newest College Football Playoff rankings are out, and the road to the national championship passes through Columbus, but it might not be taking on new passengers:

[1] Alabama Crimson Tide (11-0)
[2] Clemson Tigers (11-0)
[3] Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-0)

[4] Michigan Wolverines (10-1)

[5] Georgia Bulldogs (10-1)
[6] Oklahoma Sooners (10-1)
[7] LSU Tigers (9-2)
[8] Washington State Cougars (10-1)
[9] UCF Knights (10-0)

[10] Ohio State Buckeyes (10-1)

[11] Florida Gators (8-3)

[12] Penn State Nittany Lions (8-3)

[13] West Virginia Mountaineers (8-2)
[14] Texas Longhorns (8-3)
[15] Kentucky Wildcats (8-3)
[16] Washington Huskies (8-3)
[17] Utah Utes (8-3)
[18] Mississippi St. Bulldogs (7-4)

[19] Northwestern Wildcats (7-4)

[20] Syracuse Orange (8-3)
[21] Utah State Aggies (10-1)
[22] Texas A&M Aggies (7-4)
[23] Boise State Broncos (9-2)
[24] Pittsburgh Panthers (7-4)
[25] Iowa St. Cyclones (6-4)

Bulleit Points:

  • Dear God...the Knights actually passed Ohio State. The Buckeyes still, I suppose, control their own destiny because they would jump UCF with a win over #4 Michigan as opposed to a win over unranked maybe this isn’t worth as much as the committee wants you to think.
  • It’s Michigan’s spot to lose, in other words. The Wolverines are given, by S&P+, a 61% chance to beat Michigan. Eyeballing it, I’d expect them close to their 80% retroactive win probably against Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship game. That’s roughly a coin-flip to run the table. You buying?
  • I am totally comfortable admitting I was wrong in today’s bowl projections: Penn State, at #12, will be in an NY6 bowl game. Congrats to the Nittany Lions; I hope James Franklin doesn’t leave you for USC.
  • Kidding. I hope he leaves and you all get stuck in traffic tomorrow.
  • Assuming results hold, Northwestern should enter a bowl game ranked in the Top 25—I’ll guess around 21 when the dust settles. My God.
  • Just take another moment to appreciate that the Big Ten preseason rankings had the wisconsin badgers at #4 and Michigan State Spartans at #18. Get fucked, all of you.
  • Oh, and Iowa State is ranked, yet Iowa is not. lol.
  • I didn’t spell it wrong; this season has just led me to drink (more heavily).

What stands out to you in these rankings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.