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It’s time for you to Axe us some questions!

It’s finally back home.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

College football is an interesting sport sometimes, isn’t it? Just last week I was lamenting our loss to that mediocre-ass Northwestern team, only for the Gophers to turn around and beat the everloving shit out of wisconsin in front of their trash fans at the Confederate Prison Camp in one of the most cathartic and wonderful B1G games in ages. It was wonderful, and I hope all of you enjoyed P.J. Fleck’s present to all of you.

But what would you like us to discuss for your amusement? How Paul Chryst is remaking wisconsin in the image of the badger teams he was a QB on? What kind of dump would have porta-potties on the top level instead of indoor plumbing? How many B1G Volleyball teams will make the Final Four in Minneapolis? What’s the best use of 4-day old turkey? Ask us anything, and we’ll pick the best of the best and answer them for your entertaintment.