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No, Ohio State Fans, You Do Not Deserve A B1G Coach Of The Year Award.

This is a man that is going to lead a team to certain defeat on Saturday. He’s the B1G Coach Of The Year.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today is something of a tradition around the B1G. Every corner of ever social media platform will be crawling with crying Buckeye fans. You see, Earle Bruce was the last Ohio State coach to win the B1G Coach Of The Year award in 1979. And honestly? He might be the only one that deserves it. That team was #18 in the preseason coaches poll and was unranked in the preseason AP poll, and ended up winning the B1G with a 11-1-0 record and an unblemished 8-0 mark in the conference after starting behind Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State in the polls. But since then? Not a sniff. And you know what? That’s the way it should be. Because when quite a bit is expected of you at work and you constantly delivering, you’re not getting the shitty little employee of the month award. You’re getting the big old bonus at the end of the year. Quite honestly, you shouldn’t even care about the stupid little Applebees gift card and the parking spot.

Since 1980, Ohio State has been ranked in the preseason AP every year except 1988,1989, and 2012. As I’m sure some of your parents might know, 1988 was John Cooper’s first year and he finished a dismal 4-8-1. The next season the Buckeys finished 8-4 (6-2 B1G) and I could make an argument that this is the one team that deserved recognition. 2012? Y’all got caught being unable to follow the idiotic NCAA rules and got your hands slapped and gave the world 3rd Place B1G Champions wisconsin. Grape job, idiots. Yeah, yeah. I know. You’ve won a pair of National Titles in there. In 2002, only Michigan was ranked higher than you in the B1G in the preseason polls. You did your job. In 2014 you started the season ranked 5th, and proceeded to do your job. You got the bonus at the end of the year (the gigantic playoff trophy for being the best in the country).

So Buckeyes fans, go ahead and keep whining. It’s ridiculous and gives us another reason to dislike you while you’re out there with the #1 team in the country in terms of talent and are steamrolling all (most) of us and are on your way to another B1G title and possibly another playoff birth. Just realize that nobody feels bad for you, and this award is the one thing the conference does right in that it never gives it to you.