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Jeff Brohm Stays At Purdue; Spurns Louisville

What does it mean for Boilermaker players, fans, and everyone else?

This guy might just be a genius Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Whew. What a trip this has been. To say Boiler Nation was nervous about the past two weeks would be a slight understatement. And by slight, I mean huge. At long last, Purdue's nightmare is over (until next year, probably). Head coach Jeff Brohm had decided not to pack his bags and head home to his alma mater. The timing wasn't right according to a statement released this evening. And so, advantage Mike Bobinski and Boilermaker football. But what does this mean for everyone involved, let's take a look.

For Jeff Brohm

Nothing official had been reported but it appears Coach Brohm is about to get a bump in pay. Sources are saying that his pay may go as high as $6 million. That's a sizable amount for a .500 record through two seasons. Granted, the rebuild is still in progress. However, this also ramps up the pressure to perform. Next year's schedule should provide ample opportunity to rack up some wins. Brohm needs to capitalize.

For The Recruiting Class

There has been much excitement in Purdue's recruiting haul. Coach Brohm has been building a Top 25 class and now he's working to secure those recruits and maybe add one or two more. This may be the most important part of this whole ordeal. There was great concern that the class would fall apart had Coach headed down I-65. Now, things are looking up as the Boilermaker try to build some depth to a decent core.

For the Fans

For the Boiler faithful, a sigh of relief. Another year of seeing what Brohm can do instead of asking what might have been. And another call to pony up. Purdue hangs it's hat on being one of the few self-sustaining collegiate programs, it's time to put our money where our mouth is.

For the Louisville fans, their search continues.

For the rest of the B1G, sorry guys, you get to deal with another year of an improving Boilermaker program. Bring it on.