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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Our weekly tour around the country to see how our “writers” will be enjoying football season

Here’s the deal, everyone: I’m halfway through a trip back to Iowa City. I’ve been up since 6:00 this morning and, because of a series of unforeseen events not wacky enough to detail for your amusement, I didn’t get to my hotel in Ohio until after 11:00 PM. I’m too tired and surly to be cute with the intro and the closing this week, so this is all you get. Plus Andrew is out of the country and made me put extra effort into making the map this week, so I’m not bothering to give him a fake name either. Also, the hotel bartender went in back for something and hasn’t returned yet and I’m getting thirsty. Anyway, here’s the stuff I copy/pasted from everyone:

I’ll be in be in beautiful Iowa City, which was once called the “Literary Capital of the World” by a very prestigious publication (the NCAA Football 14 video game). Friday night I’ll be going on a bar crawl where I hope to run into the Iowa Beer Band for the first time since they were temporarily disbanded a few years ago. On Saturday I’ll be tailgating outside Kinnick Stadium eating big ass turkey legs until I get sick and drinking beer until I can’t feel the cold. Hopefully the Hawkeyes put on a hell of a show and I’ll get to dance to the Victory Polka inside the stadium after the game. It’s good to be a Hawkeye.

I will be at home, on my couch, begrudgingly getting up during commercials to get the house ready for a rather large joint birthday party (they are 28. do not get me started.) for the wife and a friend which kicks off around 7pm. We have some friends over as well who are wisconsin fans (do not get me started again, please.), so I’ll be on the couch from 11am until about 6pm, just drinking a little beer and getting angry at Northwestern as they lose to Iowa.

Beer of course will be a sampler from 612 Brew which includes their Session Dark. Big ups to my neighbors across the street, one of whom works for 612 as a sales rep and has offered us a great deal of her regular allotment. So that’ll be nice.

I’ll be home for this one either rocking my daughter to sleep or fighting for TV time with my son (Picture-in-picture is still the one true piece of sanity I hold onto). Should I break into the beer stash, I’ll be looking to the last of my Spotted Cow or breaking open a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. The Legend lives on indeed.

Andrew Kraszewski
I will be in Lima, Peru, on the return leg of a weeklong vacation and ardently hoping by then my brain has adjusted a little better to the altitude and is no longer trying to force its way out of my head through my eye sockets. I appreciate your suggestions in advance and assure you I’ve tried all of them, I guess going from sea level to 18000 feet and then stumping around is just not something my body is going to be pleased with.

I’ll be at home in my apartment, drinking my favorite local beers and watching the Cats take on the Hawkeyes.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I will be at home, enjoying a Saturday off and hoping that Indiana’s bowl hopes don’t come crashing to earth by 3:30. Some sort of coffee drink is probably in order, as well as some fruit juice to help ward off the cold that seems to be running through our household right now.

Honestly, no idea what I’m doing Saturday. Probably more grown-up house stuff and drinking coffe--OMG WHEN DID I TURN 65?

I’ll be in Greensboro for the first Saturday gameday in a while, and I have somewhere between 30 and 15,000 leaves to rake and sweep. But I’ll probably just drink a private-label version of my favorite pumpkin beer and watch Wisconsin lose and then be too lazy to do anything worthwhile.

My god im getting married in six months. Guess I’m doing cardio, then lifting, then drinking supplements, then hopefully getting in 4 hours of fat burning nervous pacing in my living room instead of 5 minutes of that and then a couple hours of sedentary sulking.

I’ll be spending my afternoon at and around Historic TCF Bank Stadium, trying to avoid freezing to death while watching celebrating Purdue’s visit by drinking boilermakers until I’m warm. (Actually, it’ll probably be Grain Belt Nordeasts while tailgating and Irish Coffee in the stadium.)

Dead Read
I will be in lovely Lincoln, but again I will only be able to follow the team on the radio (including the five hours of pregame).

I will be in Iowa City for the last time this season. It’s our tailgate’s annual chili cook off, so I’ll making and eating some chili. We’ll also have corn bread, chili dogs, grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, and plenty of beer. I’ll probably even break out a couple of my special stouts to share.

I’m amending my previous entry to include eating a bunch of Stew’s chili under the guise of being a special guest judge

So that’s what we’re doing this weekend, and whatever. Here’s the part where you share with the rest of the class what you’re doing tomorrow down in the comment section. Hell, you guys know the drill by now. I have another 500 miles to drive in the morning, so I’m gonna quit writing and go work on Andrew’s special goddamn map because he’s soooooooo important. AND WHERE THE HELL IS THAT BARTENDER?