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The one question Mailbag Response

Frosty the coach man was a jolly happy soul!
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Good afternoon, friends. I will admit that I absolutely love the work that Lions_Tigers_Wings_oh_MI has been doing with college essay-length weekly mailbag questions. The one problem is that people see it and get intimidated by it and then come back to answer it later. One problem...that didn’t really happen this time. Between the upcoming holidays and people being spectacularly busy at work, we just didn’t have time to give this magnificent question the attention it deserved. But rest assured that it did not get ignored, it just didn’t get the love that it may have deserved.

Please feel free to put your responses below in the answers, and let us know what you think about our thoughts. And just for fun, let’s see a show of hands of how many people would like to watch the Gophers lose to Georgia Tech with me. Tell me what you’d bring for drinks to go along with the ribs I’ll be smoking for the game.

1) Which current season Bowl Game would you want to see if you got an expense paid offer for it plus 1 guest (3 or 4 day trip). Bonus points for non-NY6 selection

2) What is your dream Bowl Game for your team (can be any location/bowl, but needs to be a realistic opponent [competition wise])

3) If you were in charge of a new bowl game: Where would it be, What is it called, What is the marquee player gift, What affiliations would be used?

4) Schadenfreude: Which writer would you take the most enjoyment in watching their team lose a bowl game to a team, and in a manner, that should never have happened? - Lions_Tigers_Wings_Oh_MI

Boilerman31: You’re asking an awful lot of questions here.

Beez: This should be the basis for a standalone article, not a single question within the larger mailbag. Too much to consider and write about, and I can’t ignore work for THAT long. But an all-expesnses-paid trip to NYC or San Fran or LA sounds pretty nice. Is that oft-played “P5 team gets an extra game by playing at Hawaii” thing considered a bowl game? If so, that one.

I’d poop my pants every day for a week if I got to see Wisconsin play App State in the Cotton Bowl or something.

The third question is a pretty tough one.I think I’d want to start an Iron Bowl and play it in the most northern/Yankee (not the stupid baseball team) city possible...maybe Cambridge, MA? The marquee player gift would be that old NES game, North vs. South, but you can only play as the North. Otherwise a GREAT gift would be the Target private-label version of a clothes iron? Really anything that would troll the Auburn-Bama fanbases. I can’t think of a sponsor/affiliation right now.

Thump would provide the most entertainment for an inexplicable bowl game loss, plus he’d get the happiness of Illinois making a bowl game. So I’m going with Thump.

Thumpasaurus: Oh, if Fresno State 2009 had been a bowl game...hoo boy.

BRT: 1) I have paid zero attention to bowl assignments this year (for reasons that are probably obvious), so I’d go for destination rather than matchup. Anyone who wants to send me for free to the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or SoCal, I am willing to go watch your game!

2) Oh, from where I’m sitting, two years out of a bowl, any bowl game against anyone will do. My dreams are modest these days.

3) The Subaru Ever Heard of It? Cornell Bowl hosted in Ithaca, NY. Offering delightfully frigid conditions, and targeting southern teams for the lulz. The marquee player gift is a basket including: one green “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt, an assortment of left-leaning bumper stickers, a good pair of gloves, pamphlets from various breast feeding groups and deer protection societies, a bag of Honeycrisp apples, a Moosewood vegetarian cookbook, and a sun lamp because the sun disappears for like five straight months up there. It’ll be a big hit.

4) The obvious answer is Stew, because Iowa. Luckily for us, Iowa answers the bell on doing just this in far more bowl games than not, although it’s usually not in “a manner that they shouldn’t,” it’s them just getting BTFO, which is nice too. Other answers include Graham and Brian, not because I have anything against them, but because Harbaugh losing is funny.

Thumpasaurus: (1) Whichever one Alabama and Oklahoma are playing in, because Kyler Murray.

(2) Gimme Detroit so I can gather a pretty decent-sized Illini contingent and pregame for DAYS. Opponent? Anybody but Western Michigan.

(3) HBO Presents The King In The North Bowl at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, to be held on the 30th of December between the two northernmost bowl-eligible teams in different conferences that are not already tied to a bowl. A flagon of ale for the winner.

(4) I would want to be there with a big warm comforting secure hug for Candystripes for moments like kicks going over the top of the uprights.


(1) This year I’d have to say that I’d love a trip to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. First of all, it’s this upcoming Saturday, so it wouldn’t mess up any of the incredible fun I’m having at work dealing with year-end preparations or the upcoming holidays. And it should be a pretty damn fun game between MTSU and Appalachian State. Third. It’s in New Orleans and I’m kinda hungry and the weather is supposed to be around 60 for the game this weekend, and I don’t know what it’s going to be in Minnesota but I can guarantee that it’s not going to be anywhere near 60.

(2) This is so easy it’s not even funny. I want a trip to the Rose Bowl and I want it before I’m as old as the Gopher fans that can remember a trip to the Rose Bowl. In a perfect world, we go and face Washington State while Tracy Claeys is still there as DC so we can shut up those goddamn “BUT 9 WINS!” idiots that want to ignore everything else that happened under his watch.

(3) We are moving the D1 College Football National Title game. It’s getting out of the shitass rotation of warm weather venues and is being permanently placed at Lambeau Field. The marquee gift would be a gigantic wheel of cheese, a set of Duluth Trading Company thermal underwear, a gift certificate to Fleet Farm, and a chance to win a National Title.

(4)Oh hell, it’s MN Wildcat. I have no idea what’s going on with him and LPW, but they seem to think that Northwestern is something other than a mediocre team. A little correction to that flawed line of thinking would be kinda pretty fun to watch.


Which OTE Writers would you like to hang out with to watch their team lose a bowl?

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