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B1G Recruiting Christmas Lists

We’re under a week away from signing day! What do the staff here at OTE want for their teams?

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Friends, it’s approaching. A celebration of the worst part of college football. No no, not the stupid “SEC” chant from people residing in Sherman’s tinder box or anything to do with wisconsin or yet another discussion about how Northwestern won the West. It’s far worse than that.


Very few people actually like how the hot dog gets made, and those that do are typically either idiots, depraved maniacs, or both. But as disgusting as putting your hopes and dreams into the hands of 17 year old kids and then following their every waking moment on the internet is, it’s a vital part of the continuation of the college football system. And signing day is next Tuesday. YAY! Because we can’t just ignore it until the players actually step foot on the field, we here at OTE decided to get together, drink some egg nog, and talk about what we’d want Santa to bring our team to make an immediate impact on the team. Of course there were some people that didn’t join in the festivities. GoForThree, being the wonderful humanitarian he is, knew that tOSU doesn’t need anything and was kind enough to not ask for anything. Graham and Brian didn’t respond in time because they were watching grainy film of 1980s football to see what the current Michigan offense was missing. Creighton and Stew knew that Iowa needs something, but they want to wait until MAC teams had finalized their recruiting boards to poach something. And MNWildcat and LPW felt it was below Northwestern to need anything. They’re just waiting for things to fall into their lap, just like the solution to their QB problems did for next year. Candystripes mentioned something about a center, but then he started rambling about getting rebounding help for Juwan Morgan and my eyes glazed over a bit. And poor Zuzu and Ray couldn’t pick just one thing, and then were turned into giant blueberries because they wanted too much. But as the libations and carols flowed and BRT put up holiday decorations featuring cats and Snowmen, the rest of us were able to openly share what we though could make an immediate change for the better for our programs.

Jesse: A real-deal Defensive End would be great. I mean, we could probably figure something out at all three levels of the defense - with OLB or shutdown CB very high on the list - but someone who can wreak havoc from the DE spot without having to rush like forty guys would be wonderful. Looking at the class, that also looks to be an area Frost and Co. are trying to bring in still.

Townie: I’d like a commitment from Nolan Smith (5* DE), Zach Harrison (5* DE), Kardell Thomas (5* OL) or Darnell Wright (5* OL). Penn State could use more athletes on the offensive line. That’s an area of need, although it’s getting better.

I think we squandered some talent at running back over the years, due to poor O line play. When you see Saquon putting up 170 yards rushing in the NFL, you know he should have had a better career at PSU...which is saying something.

I won’t feel good about that, until I see our road graders open gaping holes again.

That said, Penn State’s 2019 class looks solid. Even though we just lost Emery Simmons (3* Wideout) who flipped back to UNC. I’m sure it cost them some cash, but they have bagmen to spare.

WSR: It’s a QB. A guy with a rocket launcher for an arm that can tuck it on a read option and pick up 5 or so on a regular basis. The one thing missing from our offense right now (other than our RBs with healthy legs) is a big time QB. The OL has come together nicely with the youth movement this year, the WR and TEs are going to be so damn much fun next seasons, and Smith & Brooks should (SHOULD!) be back from their season ending injuries. So if you were to plug in a high-level QB...well I would be rather pleased with that.

Thumpasaurus: So many answers. A disruptive force of nature at safety would help us stay under 10ypc. It’s gonna take more than one guy to fix the DL, and probably the defensive backfield as well. Perhaps a linebacker, someone like a Shammond Cooper? I’m talking about defense for obvious reasons, but maybe we wouldn’t need the defense if we had an impact receiver. A guy with unreal speed, a change-of-direction skill on par with Reggie Corbin’s, and sure hands. Basically, 2014 Mike Dudek would bring a whole new dimension to the offense, and unlike quarterback, cornerback and linebacker, there’s no impact recruits at WR committed to or considering Illinois. But the offense runs through the quarterback. If only there were a quarterback out there with elite athleticism and a great arm that would fit our offense...who was trying to wrap up his undergraduate degree in three years so he has the option to transfer...who has a great relationship with our offensive coordinator…

Boilerman31: All I want for Purdue is some defensive depth, some defensive depth, some defensive depth. All I want for Purdue is some defensive depth, so we can go to Indianapolis! Spoiler: Two of Purdue’s top 5 rated recruits are D Linemen.

Beez: QB is obviously the answer for Wisconsin. If Wisconsin got a recruit who was expected to start from Day 1 and be better than any of the current options..from Day 1, that’d be amazing. Assuming that won’t happen because there’s like 3 good freshman QBs in the nation each season, I’ve gotta say a dominant defensive tackle. Sagapolu is gone, and we all saw how important a D Line push (or not-push) is to Wisconsin’s defense this year. It’d be nice to have that again. Or a WR who can get separation repeatedly might be nice every now and again.

DJ: Gonna thread it because I don’t have the word app on my phone. Maryland NEEDS to add both a high ceiling pass rusher as well as some more OL depth in this class. With the coaching transition, I think the best we can hope for is juco transfers but if Locksley and company could figure a way to add 2-3 quality OL and a couple DEs that would be fantastic.

Andrew K: QB is the tempting answer, as Brian Lewerke is already heading into his senior year, former backup Messiah deWeaver left and just won a JUCO national title, and heir apparent Rocky Lombardi didn’t exactly inspire confidence this year - oh, and former commit Dwan Mathis succumbed to Urban’s siren song, so there’s no QB in this year’s class. I still think DL is more of a priority, as three multi-year starters will be seniors next year and there isn’t a ton of proven depth at either tackle or end, nor has there been an obvious impact recruit there in the last couple of cycles.

So there you have it! We’re all a bunch of greedy monsters (GF3 aside, obviously) and want way too much. How about you? What do you want?


What I really want for Christmas is...

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    A pony
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    NCAA Football 2019 by EA Sports
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    A QB with rocket arm, jetpack legs, and a kung-fu grip!
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