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Maryland Won the NCAA Soccer Tournament and Cinderella is Dead

If you watch the american football playoffs, you are dead to me.

The 67th Annual Tony Awards - Show Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

The Big Ten had 3 teams in the final four of the NCAA soccer tournament. Maryland, Michigan State, and Indiana all made it. I personally was rooting for Akron. One, because I have lived in Ohio my entire life and tend to “shop local” with regards to sports. Two, because they were a bit of a Cinderella story.

Actually, they were not. Akron is a former national champion that does quite well in the tournament. However, it seemed like they were the Cinderella story, because they are not in a power conference with regards to basketball and football.

That’s my problem with the current playoff in “our” football: Cinderella is dead. We only have manufactured Cinderellas.

This current playoff has Alabama, which has won their share of national championships. And your share. And a few other shares. Clemson, which won their second recently. Notre Dame, which some of you may have heard is pretty popular, and has also won quite a few championships in their day. And lastly, Oklahoma, which has also won a bunch.

I was playing with this story in my head for a few days now (Maryland won the championship Sunday), and this tweet is what motivated me to finally write the post.

Yes, that’s exactly what I want to see.

While this year it was Washington, a semi-blue blood, another year it could be Washington State and the Pirate. What if Utah won, a former G-5 school? Yes, Ohio State managed to beat Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship this year, but what about when they don’t? The eight and four fighting Fitzgeralds winning a national championship would make for a lovely movie. Throw in the potential mid-major, against all odds story, and I am loving life.

Under the current playoffs, the most Cinderella team with the potential to win would have either been Oregon or Michigan State, I guess. Hardly down on their luck teams at the time.

THEE most Cinderella team to win your NCAA Football Playoffs...Ohio State, with their backup QB. Urban Meyer and Cinderella Buckeyes! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

Let that sink in if you EVER defend this current playoff system.