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Weekend Open Thread: Bowl Games and Big Ten Basketball Galore

Big Ten basketball, bowl games galore, and now a place to talk about them!

NCAA Football: Tulane at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Here it is: Your one-stop shop to talk college football bowl games, Big Ten basketball action, and...well, about anything sports-related for the weekend.

We’ve previewed (kinda?) the bowl games for today, so if you’re up for that or some The Office gifs, hit up that link. There might be basketball previews, and maybe I’ll come back and edit this to link to that? Otherwise you’re smart people; you’ll figure something out.

I’m personally really jazzed for today—my wife works, I’m still on vacation, and we’re having friends over at 7pm. So once I’m done running errands before 10am today, I’m going to park my ass on the couch for the Celebration Bowl at 11am, transition to Fulham-West Ham at 11:30, then just ride the scotch and beer as far as they’ll take me until she gets home.

I gotta cook a shit-ton of taco meat at some point, too. That’ll get done.

Anyways, here’s a big spreadsheet with all the college (and other) sporting action this weekend. And this is your open thread. Behave.