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Paul Chryst Unveils Apple Turnover Chain

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The Badgers take home a Pinstripe win and birth a new tradition.

The Apple Turnover Chain makes its long-anticipated debut.

The Wisconsin Badgers smashed Miami (FL) 35-3 at the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicates. Slight underdogs going into the opening kickoff, Wisconsin thoroughly outclassed the Hurricanes in all phases of the game. Following the win, Badger head coach Paul Chryst unveiled the team’s new Apple Turnover Chain to the media.

“Turnovers have always been an important part of what we do, and uh, I think any time, you know, any time you can acknowledge what you do, that’s good,” said Chryst.

Wisconsin smothered Miami on defense, forcing five turnovers to go along with the three they generated in last year’s prequel at the Orange Bowl. Last night’s win offered solace to a Badger team that had much higher hopes for the season, sending the seniors out on a deserved high note and infusing optimism into a promising returning core.

“I think we, we recruit guys that know how to play football, and they did that today,” Chryst added. “The guys showed up today, you know, I think a regulation game was scheduled here and that’s what you saw. Miami, you have to give them credit, they uh, they came here and they had the same goals we did, but as an uh, as an opponent. They tried to win and we tried to win, and at the end of the game I think you look up at the scoreboard and say that we won. And you appreciate that.”

Wisconsin, who won its fifth straight bowl game with yesterday’s victory, joins a laundry list of programs that have adopted a gimmicky prize to encourage/reward big plays on the field. Though these new traditions have now been in place for several years elsewhere, it is unclear if the Badgers intend to incorporate theirs beyond their bowl trip.

“We’ve always liked the turnovers at the pastry table,” Chryst noted. “A few years back we got our hands on one of those wayward Holsteins, I guess someone tried to steal her, and we get, we get all this milk to wash down dessert. The linemen love it.”

“Apple seemed like the right route to go, you know. It’s, it’s kind of the default option for turnovers, which is my favorite, uh, favorite route to go. Plus being in New York, this is one of those places where people think of apples. So much so, I think the city itself is, some people consider New York City to be a big one. So you notice that.”

Wisconsin hits the offseason on a high note and already looking ahead to spring, where competitions to replace outgoing seniors will be in full force.