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A Farewell to Football Mailbag Request

Urban Meyer overcoming “difficulties.”
Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

And just like that, football season is over. All that’s left for the B1G is a number of exhibitions that are rather pointless (although someone will score eventually in that scintillating Utah-Northwestern matchup) in exotic locales (like New York or Detroit) that some people will take entirely too much from in regards to how their team will perform in 2019. Like pollsters. And fans.

So please, ask us questions. Because Gopher hockey is...ugh, and Gopher basketball is making the football team look consistent, and Gopher Wrestling? Well. We’ve got one guy who’s going to win a championship at HWT, and we’ve got a three All-Americans between 125 and 141. And then we’ve got time for fans of other teams to make a lot of noise at the dual meets. YAY! And as always, thank you.