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Ryan Day Was a Terrible Hire For Ohio State

What is Gene Smith trying to do to me?

Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer Press Conference Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Before inventing nearly everything that makes modern football modern, Paul Brown won a national championship in 1942 at Ohio State. In 1943, the Buckeyes were 3-6. In 1944, they were 9-0, under Carroll Widdoes. Woody Hayes took over in 1950 and just missed a championship. By 1954 he was a national champion. After he “retired” in 1978, Earle Bruce was a half of a yard short of a national championship in 1979. John Cooper took over and finished number 2 in the country twice, in the least successful coaching tenure at Ohio State in the last 68 years. Jim Tressel won a national championship in his second season, Urban Meyer in his third.

Some of the Buckeye faithful might be worried about that 6-7 under interim coach Fickell. Some of the Buckeye haters might be encouraged by it. That was a fLuke brought on by a variety of circumstances, including losing the starter at every key offensive position. Fickell is currently 10-2 at Cincinnati and I would be A-OK with his rehire.

So why my unhappiness with the Day hire?

I live in a world where I have to hear “Ohio State Suckeyes” nearly every day. The Ohio State haters are as numerous as they are unoriginal. We can’t give these people a head coach with an every day word as his last name. This is going to be awful.

I decided to ask some of my fellow “writers” here to come up with some puns on the fly. I knew these would at least be creative.

Only Thumpasaurus responded, but he came up with some clever ones. There were like 35 total, so I just included some of my favorites:

  • If OSU gives up 500 yards on offense: DAYtona 500.
  • If OSU is shut out: Day-Oh, Dayay Oh, Day light come and the Buckeyes go home.
  • If Michigan wins: Day of Reckoning

You get the idea. A little part of my life is going to me miserable the entire time Ryan Day is head coach at Ohio State.

As for the Buckeyes on the field, Day are going to be just fine.