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Big Ten Basketball Stock Report

So, you think you’re still going dancing?

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Illinois
Mmmm, Orange jam.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another edition of the Stock Report. We’re now entering crunch time as the final week of the regular season looms. The top teams are jockeying for the double-byes, the middle teams are making their case for postseason play, and the bottom teams are revolting, one way or another. Onward we go.

Stock Up

Michigan State Spartans – Welcome to the driver’s seat. Sparty continues to collect wins while Purdue and Ohio State have faltered. The formula from here on is simple. Win and collect some hardware. Also, the comeback against Northwestern was impressive (and helped me collect some bucks on the halftime moneyline). Don’t choke. Or do. Pete and Brutus like to share.

Michigan Wolverines – There were rumblings from certain people that Michigan could end up on the bubble if they didn’t play well down the stretch. I doubt you’ll hear that opinion again. The win over Iowa avoided a bad loss and the win over Ohio State provides a Tier 1 W. A double-bye is in view if Nebraska slips again.

Penn State Nittany Lions – If there’s been one team that’s been helping themselves recently, it’s Penn State.Pat Chambers has built a sneaky decent team. Their RPI is damning right now, but a blowout win over Ohio State helps. They have two more shots to get very good wins and probably need a couple of BTT wins to get to the Dance, but they’ve put themselves in the position.

Indiana Hoosiers – The fightin’ Archies get themselves and upgrade this week. Yes, they beat Iowa and Illinois in a rage of I-on-I violence. But given the rebuild status of the program, they’re starting to beat teams a middling squad should beat. Here’s a bone, chew away.

Wisconsin Badgers/grumbles incoherently I don’t wannt talk about it.

Illinois Fighting Illini – Another upset. Congrats on wrecking Nebraska’s tourney hopes. You just made the B1G weaker. Do the rest of us a favor and do the same against Sparty.

Stock Holding

Nebraska Cornhuskers – Oh, what could’ve been. After getting the win against Maryland, disaster struck. I’m not saying losing to Illinois ends the Huskers’ hopes, but it certainly doesn’t bode well. Nebraska is going to need some help or the N will stand for NIT.

/runs away from Nebraska writers in a serpentine fashion

Purdue Boilermakers – Yikes. Purdue looked completely lost in Madtown but righted the ship without Vince Edwards to survive a surging Penn State challenge. A good seed is still in sight for the tourney, but a 1-seed appears unlikely now.

Maryland Terrapins – I know if DJ were writing this, he’d probably prefer to throw the Terps into the Stock Down category. But I’m going to give them a hold rating this week. Lincoln has something about it that throw teams into a funk and Maryland was their latest victim. They beat rutger like any team worth a damn should do. Definitely skating on thin ice and likely a NIT team, but hang on, anything can happen.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights – You beat Northwestern.It doesn’t mean I have to like it. You’re still going to end up playing on the first day of the BTT. Have a penny stock hold.

Stock Down

Ohio State Buckeyes – Welcome back to Earth. Penn State took you to the shed and then Michigan ran away late. Chris Holtmann should probably still end up with Coach of the Year honors, but this week really stung.

Northwestern Wildcats – Womp, womp. First, a loss to rutger. Then, a historic collapse against Sparty. Light it on fire, boys. This one’s crashing.

Iowa Hawkeyes – Life is pain.

Minnesota Golden Gophers – Your coach is still a little Richard.