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Jim Delany Orders the Release of the Infamous Gary Barta Memo (attention fun police: this is satire)

Despite claims that doing so would damage the integrity of the playoff committee, the B1G appears to be ready to declassify the controversial document

Northern Illinois v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

In a move defying pleas coming from the NCAA on Friday afternoon, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany ordered a memo written by staff members working for Big Ten Athletic Directors to be declassified and released to the public.

The controversial memo details what the B1G claims is a disturbing conspiracy by pro-SEC members within the highest ranks of the Playoff Selection Committee to leave the conference out of the FBS playoff earlier this year. The committee steadfastly denies any wrongdoing and maintains that proper procedures were followed at all times.

Many in the B1G are hoping this will be the smoking gun that proves Ohio State was unfairly targeted and that the Big Ten, which went 7-1 7-M in its bowl games, was in fact the best conference in football this year. Critics, however, say the authors of the memo have intentionally omitted key details, such as Ohio State’s 55-24 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes, that would provide proper context and both sides of the story.

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta ordered his staff to prepare the memo, originally meant as a deflection from fans blaming the Hawkeyes for destroying the Big Ten’s chances at making the playoff. The memo eventually made its way to the league’s PR committee where they decided that the allegations contained in it were disturbing enough to bring to Jim Delany’s attention.

Off Tackle Empire has reached out to Gary Barta’s office for comments, but so far they have declined to speak to us. This story will be updated as needed.