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I’d Like To Think Woody Hayes Is Rolling Over In His Grave.

Asshole, always.

Woody Hayes being Woody Hayes

Maybe you have read, but Ohio State fans are a bunch of assholes. They are obnoxious, entitled, and boorish. True story, when Iowa beat the pants off Ohio State, 55-24, there were some older OSU fans around me that were complaining about Urbz and the new-fangled offense. Longing for the days of their patron saint asshole, Woody Hayes.

I was reminded of this last night, of how big of assholes OSU fans are, and how likely it is that they emulate their greatest hero, Woody Hayes, a true asshole. I never met Woody Hayes, but I have met several OSU fans, and I am fairly confident that he would be just as big of an asshole. It’s in their nature.

I like the sentiment of OSU fans complaining about Urbz, but maybe they should have tried to throw a punch. I think that’s what Woody Hayes would have wanted.