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Is Tom Brady the Greatest B1G Ten Football Player Ever, Even Though He Lost This Super Bowl

I generally don’t care about the pros, but

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As a typical sports fan, I like to discuss the best, the most clutch, or whatever when discussing sports. However, a HUGE pet peeve of mine is mentioning pro career when talking about the impact college athletes had on the game. College is college and my passion. Pros are pros, and I don’t much give a fuck.

However, watching this particular Super Bowl, I have decided to give credit where credit is due.

A little back story.

Tom Brady was a decent college quarterback that struggled to find time on a loaded Michigan squad. He rallied to have a fantastic final bowl game, looked like shit at the combines and parlayed that to a 6th round draft pick. The rest, as they say, is history.

The dude is the NFL GOAT. If you think that is a stretch, I want you to load up the footage of this most recent Super Bowl. The Eagles were up by 8 with 13 seconds left and the coaches called a timeout, giving the Patriots time to design a final play or two. Why? Because they were fucking terrified of Tom Brady.

The simple truth is Tom Brady is the greatest pro quarter back of all time. If you want to debate that, I understand. Go do that with dumb fucks that don’t understand the role of the quarterback in the modern game. Ignore all his stats despite usually having shitty receivers and whatever, cool. Talk about a play here or there on why he sucks, even though he has five rings, and may add to that number.

However this is a college blog. I am going to get to the point. I hated Brady because he played for Michigan. He wasn’t that great while at Michigan, but solid. Didn’t really move the meter for me. Secondly, I hate this rah rah conference shit. I do root for other big ten teams because that helps the Buckeyes. Occasionally I actually form a bond with “other” teams, but mostly the love starts and ends with how that team can help the Buckeyes.

Brady is different. I don’t root for Tom because he raises the prestige of the Big Ten. I root for Tom Brady because he is fan fucking tastic. He flipped me. I don’t like the pros. I don’t like Michigan. However, I root for him.

For those reasons, I am ready to crown Tom Brady the greatest that ever played in the Big Ten. Truth, 5 Super Bowls don’t mean shit. Flipping a Buckeye to actually root for your ass, priceless.