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How Mark Dantonio Beat Michigan Football Yet Again in Super Bowl LII: Not A Jim Harbaugh Story

This goes down so many levels

NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Kirt Dozier-USA TODAY Sports

because mark dantonio, in his infinite wisdom, could only find eight passing attempts for nick foles in 2007 as he rode the bench behind noted super bowl 52 loser brian hoyer and was told in no uncertain terms that kirk cousins would be ahead of him on the depth chart.

but because he did attempt those eight passes against UAB for michigan state, he’s very much a big ten player, which means this was really another paul bunyan trophy game where mark dantonio once again had a chip on his shoulder and crushed tom brady with the magnificence of nick foles.

in fact, foles did something that’s never been done at the college level: defeat michigan and michigan state while being michigan state.

dantonio is just running up the score at this point