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Big Ten Basketball Weekly Stock Report - Early February Edition

Who’s up?  Who’s down?  Who’s puking?

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Something something something, sick 9-month old. Something something something, Stock Report below.

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes – The Buckeyes continue to roll. This week, they poked some I’s by rolling Indiana and beating suddenly resurgent Illinois. Their reward, a trip to West Lala-land and a date with Purdue with a chance to bring the Boilers down a notch.

Nebraska Cornhuskers – The Huskers attempt to get in the conversation continues. They went into Madison and got a W, which is still noteworthy, even with the Badgers on the downswing. They’ve now assembled a three-game win streak against bad teams. There’s no reason that shouldn’t stretch to five this week.

Illinois Fighting Illini – Hey, Illinois won a second conference game! That’s about all I got at this point. Penny stocks gon penny stock.

Stock Holding

Michigan State Spartans – Sparty also got a pair of wins this week, although they didn’t look the greatest in the world in doing so. Penn State controlled the pace in the first half and then forgot there was a second 20 minutes. The Spartans rallied and sent the Lions packing. Then came their trip to Bloomington. It reminded me much of the Purdue-rutgre tilt. Michigan State would make runs and Indiana would answer, never able to fully pull away. Fortunately for them, they survived what would’ve been a disastrous loss and put their contention for a B1G title in serious doubt.

Purdue BoilermakersVince Edwards had the flu. Boilers still won both games with big runs early in the game and then hitting cruise control. There’s nothing impressive about either win that sticks out right now. If Matt Painter and Co. pull that kind of effort against Ohio State and Michigan State, they’ll be sharing or surrendering the B1G crown.

Michigan Wolverines – Michigan is one of those teams that seems like they’re capable of playing with anyone. The flip side of that is they also seem to play to the level of their opponents. They shut down Northwestern in a game that both teams would probably prefer to forget the first half. Then the fightin’ Beileins followed it up by needing overtime to beat Minnesota. They’ll get a hold for this week. Please try to keep it PG in Chicago this week, please?

Penn State Nittany Lions – You had Sparty right where you wanted them…and you let them go. At least you didn’t have a letdown and took your frustrations out on Iowa. Have yourself a push for the week.

Northwestern Wildcats – The carnage that was the first half against Michigan was not pleasant. The Wildcats rebounded and took out Wisconsin in the discount shopping rack. The offense isn’t looking pretty, but your defense appears to be decent. I don’t know, the results are mixed for now.

Maryland Terrapins – Shorthanded as you are, you put up a fight against Purdue. That’s commendable. The 3-game losing streak hurt as much as losing Cekovsky. Granted, the Terps sprinkled some Old Bay on that shitty injury situation and beat Wisconsin.

Iowa Hawkeyes – You know, when you get to the bottom of the B1G, writing these things becomes a real trip on the strugglebus. You got a split, that’s about all I can say.

Stock Down

Indiana Hoosiers – Wow, talk about a rough stretch. After fighting Purdue, the Hoosiers earned a trip to Columbus where the Buckeyes laid a whippin’. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the fightin’ Archies had to turn around and play a contender in Michigan State. The end result was the same despite the fight you showed.

Wisconsin Badgers – A helping of Pain is now 30% off in Madison. The Badgers had 3 games and lost 3 games. Have fun in Illinois.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights – What's that? You wanted a cheeseburger? You’ll get nothing and like it!

Minnesota Golden Gophers – Another week, no wins. Enjoy cleaning up after those Patriots and Eagles fans leave town.