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Big Ten Tournament: Who’s Going to the Big Dance?

Annual July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest Held At Nathan's On Coney Island Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

The penultimate day of our Big Ten Tournament potluck (read days one, two, and three here) takes us to a New York institution known only by one name: Nathan’s. You’ve probably heard a little bit about their 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest (featured in the headline picture of this article), but did you know that from their opening in 1916 to October 2012, Nathan’s was open every single day, and only Hurricane Sandy finally broke their streak? Also, unlike many hot dogs where you’re probably better off not asking about the contents, Nathan’s uses only beef in their franks. If you’re taking a trip out to Coney Island, stop in and have a bite.

I don’t really have a snappy transition today, but this question also kind of speaks for itself:

Let’s look ahead a little bit: the NCAA tournament is coming up for at least some of us, and there’s a good chance that at least one Big Ten squad earns a 1 seed, which has never ended badly for anyone whatsoever. Put on your amateur bracketologist hats, and tell me two things; 1) which team(s) earn a 1 seed, and 2) how many other Big Ten teams join them [seeding predictions for those schools optional, but encouraged]?

WSR: MSU (1) Purdue (2) OSU (4) Michigan (4) Nebraska (6)

Graham: Good Question.

MSU (1)

Purdue (3)

OSU (5)

Michigan (5)

Andrew K: Don’t quite see it. If there’s a 1, it’s only MSU; Purdue is probably a 3, OSU and Michigan both 6s.

JC: Let’s say… MSU with a 1 because they win the BTT, Purdue gets a 2, OSU get’s a 5, and Michigan loses to Nebraska in the BTT giving them a 7 and Nebraska a 12.

MNW: Will I do a bracketology article this week? If yes, just go read that. If no...I’ll say (1) MSU, (2) Purdue, (5) OSU, (6) Michigan, (11) Nebraska.

Aaron Yorke: I think that Purdue will move up and grab a No. 1 seed after winning the Big Ten Tournament. That will shift Michigan State down to a No. 2 seed. After that, it’s Ohio State with a No. 4 seed, Michigan with a No. 7 seed, and Nebraska with a No. 11 seed.

Beez: MSU (1), Purdue (3), OSU (6), UM (7), Nebraska (12) PSU (play-in)

Stew: MSU (2), Purdue (3), OSU(6), Michigan (8), Nebraska (12)

Candystripes: Given that I’ve already predicted Purdue will win the BTT, it only makes sense to predict seedings as though they win. Thus, Purdue will get a 1 seed but might get shipped to an unfavorable region as a result. Michigan State will end up as a 3, though most pundits will agree that they should have gotten a 2 instead. Both Ohio State and Michigan will get 5s, and one of them will fall into a classic 5-12 upset. Finally, Nebraska will sneak into one of the 11 seed play-in games, and surprise people by making it to within inches of the Sweet 16.