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2018 NIT Selection Show Open Thread

Nebraska, Penn State, Maryland, and maybe Wisconsin are all heading to the NIT. Will they at least pull more home games from this?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I...I can’t believe I’m open threading the NIT Selection Show, let alone having to watch it to see where Maryland lands. This sucks. As much as we’d like to pretend otherwise, we are a basketball school and this is unacceptable. It’s just....not even interesting to watch not making the dance.

That being said, up to four teams should make the NIT:

Maryland: Predicted anywhere from a 2 to 5 seed

Penn State: Predicted anywhere from a 1 to 4 seed

Nebraska: Predicted anywhere from a 1 to 4 seed

Wisconsin: Will they make the backend of the NIT?

Things more interesting than actually watching this would be filling out this bracket:

Let’s be honest, I want your final four of the Kanye bracket. Hit the comments!