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Assessing Michigan’s Chances In The 2018 NCAA Tournament: Big Ten March Madness Previews & Predictions

Do John Beilein’s Wolverines have what it takes to make it out of a tough region?

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Purdue vs Michigan Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

We’re on the eve of the start of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, which means it’s almost time for fans of the Michigan Wolverines to get geared up to cheer on the Maize and Blue. Some fans, however, might need a quick primer. Now, personally, I must disclose that I’m not the proper channel to provide this information, as I have an outside bias. However, my residence in southeast Michigan has provided me with some resources, and I’ve tapped into those. Enjoy a preview I had sent to me by my good friend Every Michigan Fan Ever!

Every Michigan Fan Ever previews the Wolverines in the NCAA Tournament

So, I woke up last week to a text from my buddy in Farmington Hills that said “congrats, beilein’s a hell of a coach. see you in the dance. go green.” I guess I didn’t realize it was already March, because then I googled “Michigan basketball” and found out that my boys won the Big Ten Tournament! How about that?

I meant to look up who their players are because I couldn’t remember if Irvin and Stauskas were still on the team, but I got sidetracked by a bunch of previews of the spring game. Heard Speight was coming back to compete with Peters for the honor of mopping up for Patterson late in the Big Ten Championship Game.

But anyway, it’s still a little too cold to go up to the lake house, so with the Red Wings rebuilding and the Tigers still not having brought back Jim Leyland, I guess I should watch Michigan take a run through the tournament. There’s no other local sports teams in season for me to watch anyhow, except maybe the Spartans, but I’m a Michigan Man through and through, which you’d know if you ever saw my desk.

So when I look through the bracket, I see Michigan winning the first two games handily while still being very classy and sportsmanlike about it. The first one that worries me is North Carolina, because they’re usually pretty good. They used to have Michael Jordan, so that’s something to watch out for. Let’s just say that Dean Williams is willing to use tactics that are beneath Michigan to get players with questionable character that wouldn’t be tolerated in Ann Arbor.

You know, my friend told me someone on The Ticket disputed the idea that Jim Harbaugh could mold Matthew Stafford into an NFL MVP. Everyone knows that Valenti’s just a troll who’s trying to get ratings by riling up Michigan fans, and I’m not dignifying him with a response for at least 20 minutes.

If they do get by UNC though, it’s smooth sailing to the Final Four, since Ohio State is the only team I really recognize. Though I do remember Gonzaga having a surprise run a few years ago. I really admire their spirit.

Really, when I look at it, that UNC game might be the only big obstacle to a Final Four run. I think Beilein is the same coach that took them to the Final Four a few years ago, so I have a lot of faith in this team. That was great because by the time they were done playing, it was time to put my boat in. Excited to get back on the water, especially since I just got a lease on that new Ford F-250 Platinum King Ranch and that rides so nice I drove three miles on Mound Road the other day before my Tim Horton’s got dislodged by the potholes and spilled everywhere. That’s a new record!

A deep tournament run would make up for the heartbreak of not seeing my boy Brady win another Super Bowl ring. You know my work got some of those standing type desks? I love it because now everyone can see my Tom Brady Michigan jersey when I wear it to work.

Anyway, there’s my prediction. They either fall to UNC in the Sweet 16 or go all the way to at least the Final Four.

Hey, I heard Kid Rock’s beer has a totally new recipe now, wanna split a sixer?


Who’s Michigan’s MVP?

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