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Stew System Picks the NCAA Tournament

Hey, remember this? Come see what a winning bracket looks like.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Villanova vs North Carolina Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all, I finally got caught up with my rating system in time for the NCAA Tournament, and have an entry in the OTE Bracket Challenge, which I thought I’d be gracious enough to share with all of you.

Current Ratings:

You could go through the trouble of going through this and finding the ratings and making the picks, or you could just keep reading, since I already did that. And yes, this is mostly a chalk bracket, it’s based on a rating system, that’s how they work.

South Region

The only upset in this entire region I have is Loyola-Chicago over Miami, they’re also a decent bet to get to the Sweet 16, too. Tennessee doesn’t rate that much higher (about a single rating point), so there’s a double digit pick for you. Also, I hate UVA, they murder basketball, and are a pox upon the game. I blame wisconsin. As always, fuck wisconsin.

West Region:

Hey, look, not a single upset. Dammit. Though, look out, Michigan, Houston is nipping at your heels. That matchup is only separated by 0.18 rating points, good chance for an upset there.

East Region

Hey, looks like we’ve got a couple of upsets in round one. St. Bonaventure has a fairly sizable rating lead over Florida, and their matchup in the 2nd round with Texas Tech is one of the closest in the entire tourney, being separated by only 0.16. I also give Murray St. the nod over West by god Virginia.

Midwest Region

Blah, blah, blah, fuck Duke. They’ve got one of the easier brackets with the weakest #1 seed in Kansas, but they do have a pretty massive clash with MSU in the sweet 16. No upsets in this bracket outside Duke/Kansas, and there’s not even anything that’s particularly close.

Final Four

That leaves us with UVA (fuck wisconsin), Villanova, Xavier, and Duke. That leaves us with 4 of the top 5 rated teams. Pretty good distribution this year. UVA comes out, and sets the game back 100 years. wisconsin fans cheer, because they hate the sport. Eat at Arby’s.