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NIT Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers and Penn State Nittany Lions

A look ahead at today’s most exciting basketball games!

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Nebraska
No, they aren’t playing each other, but it’s rare to have such an efficient and suitable image for a preview article like this.
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Do you want to watch some hot NIT action? Um, obviously you do. Here are the details:

Penn State vs. Temple

8 pm (ET)


You know, I don’t know much about either of these teams, so here’s an in-depth preview you can read if you want. The gist seems to be that Temple has the ability to beat most teams, including Penn State, but that they’ve had trouble summoning that ability on a consistent basis. If they get hot tonight, they shouldn’t have a ton of trouble with PSU, but that’s a pretty big IF. Meanwhile, PSU has been fairly consistent over the season, and has steadily improved as the season has gone on—so they may be peaking at the right time.


Which Quaker State team prevails?

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    Penn State
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Nebraska vs. Mississippi State

9 pm (ET)


The Huskers, as it has been well-documented on this site and others, got truly hosed in their post-season treatment. However, that’s over and done, and now the only thing left is for the Huskers to show that they actually have a legit reason to be mad, because they’re WAY better than they got credit for. Lose this one, and all the anger looks a bit misplaced.

That said, I expect this to be a difficult game for the Huskers, and for one big reason: it’s on the road. Nebraska has not had a great deal of success away from PBA this season, managing to lose to even some of the conference’s worst teams (ahem, Illinois) when they ventured from the happy confines of Lincoln.

On paper, it looks like MSU (er, the other one) matches up pretty well for Nebraska. This is definitely a winnable game for the Huskers. But it’s going to matter a lot on where they’re at mentally. I actually really like the way this team hangs together, and I fully expect them to play really hard with each other and for each other, all the way through the game, as they have all season. If James Palmer, Jr. and at least one other player can shoot well tonight, I think the Huskers should have this one. If they get obsessed with taking threes that aren’t falling as they occasionally do... it could be a long couple of hours.

I love watching this team, and would love to keep watching them for a few more games, even if it is “just” the NIT. So let’s go, Nebrasketball. Give it all you’ve got.


Who’ve you got?

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    Nebrasketball Rides Again!
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    A different MSU makes the Huskers sad
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