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NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Weekend Open Thread

How do we top Friday night? Are any 17 seeds still in play?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-South Dakota State vs Ohio State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone inevitably has a moment where a game goes the wrong way, busts the whole bracket, and motive shifts to unabashed cheering for any and all upsets the rest of the way. For me that occurs after the first incorrect pick, which was the very first game of the tournament (the REAL tournament, not this First Four garbage). For others, that moment likely came in the most joyous of ways as 16 seed University of Making Bereaved Cavaliers knocked off top overall seed Virginia 74-54. Twenty points! The best team and top defense in the game gave up 74 points and got blown out by a 16 seed. March gonna March y’all.

Quick shout-out to KennK, our current leader in the OTE Bracket Pool. KennK’s national champion pick is Virginia, so this is also where we say farewell. The bracket with most potential points remaining belongs to James! Just a playa named James. James has dook as his national champion, which makes him a heathen that shall remain shunned. If you want to join in on the OTE Bracket Pool, well, you can’t because that’s not how this works, you fool. See you in 2019!

Anyways it’s the freakin’ weekend and we’ve got B1G action in store because this isn’t the Pac-12. All times listed are Central because of course they are.

Big Ten Games

[5] Ohio State Buckeyes VS. [4] Gonzaga Bulldogs

Tonight, 6:45 PM CT, CBS

Full disclosure Gonzaga was my big upset pick in the first round and I stand by that, as they struggled to shake off UNC-Greensboro 68-64 to get here. That said, they are a formidable, well-rounded opponent that should give OSU all they can handle. Meanwhile Ohio State was able to overcome the majestic creature that is Mike Daum and reach the second round with an 81-73 victory over South Dakota St.

[3] Michigan Wolverines VS. [6] Houston Cougars

Tonight, 8:40 PM CT, TBS

The hottest team coming out of the B1G conference tournament a few weeks ago, Michigan was able to take care of business against Montana 61-47. Houston survived an upset bid from San Diego St. 67-65, and they bring in a strong defense and the ghost of Kelvin Sampson to try and send the Wolverines home

[2] Purdue Boilermakers VS. [10] Butler Bulldogs


Indiana, rise up! Purdue snapped a five-game losing streak to the Bulldogs earlier this season, but now they’ll have to combat their own inferiority without Isaac Haas, whom they tragically lost to a fractured elbow in Thursday’s win over Cal State-Fullerton. All the best to Haas, and it will be interesting to see how Purdue adjusts to their new identity so late in the season.

[3] Michigan State Spartans VS. [11] Syracuse Orange


Syracuse always does this. They underachieve in a lackluster season performance, still a bottom at-large bid from a more deserving team, then turns on the jets and goes on a run in the tournament. Casuals, don’t be fooled by the seed, this is not an “underdog” to cheer for. Michigan State emerged from bracket mania as a trendy national title pick, but they had to escape a furious comeback from 14 seed Bucknell just to get here first. Look for that to serve as a wake-up call before Syracuse tries to throw another wrench in the Spartans’ plans with their stupid zone.

Who ya got? Post in the comments, eat, drink, be merry, don’t post illegal streams or porn or anything Loyola-Chicago’s team chaplain wouldn’t want you to post.