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A Boilermaker’s Guide to Game of Thrones: Where do the maester, sirs, and artillery of Purdue go from here?

NCAA Basketball: SIU - Edwardsville at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Things were happy in Boilerland. Purdue had just secured and the 2-seed in the East Region at the NCAA tournament.

The peasants rejoiced.

Then Along Came the Titans of Cal-State Fullerton. While the Boilermakers were up to the task, all was not well. You see once the battle was decided, Lieutenant-General Matt Painter decided it would be a good idea to keep his behemoth, known as Isaac Haas in the fight. Purdue had indeed won the war, however, a Titan tangled with mighty Haas and down the giant tumbled. When it was done, Purdue was onto the next round but Sir Isaac could no longer use his elbow which he had used to slay many demons and opposing centers.

Alas, there was much fear in Boilerland. For without Sir Isaac, how could the Boilermakers ever defend their paint?

With the fearsome Bulldogs of Butler closing in, the Ever Grateful, Ever True looked towards the skies, and lo, a sign appeared to them. What could this sign be but the shadow of the Dutchman Matt Haarms and his fellow giant Sir Jacquil Taylor.

And so it came to be that the mighty Boilermakers, whilst battered and bruised, fended off the evil Bulldogs and the 29-pointed Kelan Martin. Maester Vincent Edwards rejected many foes and scored many blows of his own, claiming 20 for himself. Still, the Bulldogs charged. However, as they closed in, the fearsome Sir Dakota Mathias raised up and slayed the beasts with his dagger with 15.4 seconds to play. And so the Boiler army shouted “Onward! Onward!”

Now, a new threat awaits. For the nasty Red Raiders from Lubbock loom near The Garden of Boston. Will our Boilermaker heroes continue their conquest and reach the pinnacle? Or, will they, like the hallowed Sirs Hummel, Moore, and Johnson be stopped by a faltered ACL?

Only time will tell, but for now, the Boilerball Army stands as one unit, one team, awaiting the next challenge. Battle tested, Sir Carsen Edwards, swift and daring, seeks to be the hero. Small, but fearless, Maester PJ Thompson guides the offensive, providing assists to those seeking a better jumper. Further still, Sir Ryan Cline provides timely range with his artillery. While the individuals may not look the best, this sum is greater than its parts.