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Penn State wins NIT; My Recap

Points were scored, basketball was played.

The Queen Attends the Royal Maundy Service Photo by Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Today I was supposed to teach from 6-8pm, the last possible class before students went home for Easter Break, in which they get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off from school.

By 9pm last night, five of the 26 students had emailed me, asking to get notes on what they missed because “their rides home were leaving early.”

About half this class—at a university in the Milwaukee suburbs—is made up of commuter students, and none come from farther than the far western suburbs of Chicagoland.

Nonetheless, I gave them the day off from class and came out to campus four hours earlier than planned to meet with students to help them with their research papers since I wouldn’t be on campus this afternoon for my normal office hours. I am a horrible pushover, and I gave these idiots exactly what they wanted—no lectures, and as much help as they could ask for on a research paper.

Cue this in our Slack:

brt [10:55 PM]

Hey guys, remember when we were the center for NIT news? A Big Ten team just won the tournament, so maybe @aaron.yorke or someone should throw something out there for that, yes?

Penn State won the NIT. I’m not sure who they played or how much they won by, because I’ve stopped giving a shit about non-Loyola-Chicago, non-Sister Jean news. Tony Carr scored a number of points, I’m sure, and the Nittany Lions overcame what might’ve been Mike Watkins’ continued absence.

Go Ramblers, fuck Michigan.