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Big Ten Tourney Analysis: Streaking Michigan Hammers Purdue

Michigan is hot and Purdue paid the price.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Michigan State vs Michigan Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Boilerman Has Thoughts on Purdue

That was a piss poor effort. Vince Edwards completely disappeared, Carsen Edwards and Isaac Haas kept thing from getting completely awful. Nojel Eastern looked very good. Michigan did a great job being the aggressors and made Purdue pay. All in all, this loss means nothing. Purdue probably wasn’t getting a 1-seed and will likely end up in Nashville or Detroit regardless.

Graham Reviews the Michigan Performance

My goodness, Michigan peaked at the right time, playing their perimeter offense to near-perfection and holding that explosive Purdue squad to 66 points.

Does the Beilein offensive system somehow work better in BTT / NCAA tourney scenarios? (Allows players to rest on offense during those shot-clock bleeding possessions, shortens games to keep contests close)

Is Mo Wagner an NBA-level player? He can shoot from anywhere. His defense and physical strength are improved. He’s a leader on the floor.

The Michigan defense looks about as good as its looked since Beilein took over. How do we live in a world where Michigan’s interior defense is actually decent? Neither MSU nor Purdue were able to get in a rhythm when it came to interior scoring. The improved Michigan depth (read: Teske) and length from Matthews and Duncan Robinson made a big big difference.

No one wants to play Michigan right now. Will two weeks off cool them down or give the Wolverines enough rest to make a run?

Some thoughts on Purdue. That’s an exceptional Boilermaker team, but when their shooters get run off the 3 point line and cannot finish layups, well, that’s that. Haas is a beast and we love him, but he was too slow against Michigan’s guards, who constantly wrapped passes around him.