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Indiana is my favorite team in the B1G East

Mostly Harmless

So long and thanks for all the wins.

Earlier this week, our fearless leader asked us all what lovable loser of college football is our favorite. I didn’t answer then, because I refuse to call Indiana losers. Indiana just tries so damn hard, and as we all learned growing up, if you give it your best, there are no losers.

Indiana is far and away my favorite football team in the Big Ten East division. They go out there every fall Saturday at 11 am (God’s Time Zone) in front of dozens of hardcore fans, and give it their all. The past few years they even played a really fun and different style than the rest of the conference so all their games were eminently watchable.

They’ve had fun players to watch, too. Jordan Howard and Tevin Coleman were monster running backs that would shred opposing defenses regularly. Nate Sudfield is one of the more underrated conference QBs of the last decade, just a lot of fun to watch him fling it around the field. And they’ve had a slew of quality WRs, too. Going back to James Hardy and into the last few years with Shane Wynn, Cody Latimer, and this last season with Simmie Cobbs (who is still running around the vaunted OSU secondary). This past year they even dipped their toes onto the defensive side of the field, with possibly the best defensive player in their history, Tegray Scales (he’s even likely to be drafted this weekend, which is quite the feat for an Indiana defensive player). And if quality football isn’t exactly your cup of tea, they even have players that are easy on the eye:

Oh Zander...

So this coming fall, go out and catch your favorite Big Ten team play against Indiana. It’ll be a fun game. You’ll get to watch a lot of great players. And while it may seem like they may be about to jump up get the better of your team, take a big breath, and relax, they’ll be fine.