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Minnesota Football Keeps Having More Questions Than Answer. // B1G 2018

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As I continue to get ready for a new season of Gopher football this fall, I can’t help but continue to ask questions about how well we’ll do and where the program is going. It’s not good, because every time I have one answer three more questions seem to pop up.

Was Glen Mason’s offense really the best scheme the Gophers could hope to run?

What does it take for the Gophers to have competent QB play?

Why is it so difficult to have a completion percentage that would be good enough to pass a class?

Is it really so tough to have more than one good RB at a time that can stay healthy and be productive?

Is having a really good run game the key to being an effective offense? If not, then why weren’t we better when we had Adam Weber and Eric Decker?

Has the lack of OL depth and continuity really been the issue holding the offense back since 2006?

Has it really been since 2006 since we’ve had an OL drafted?

Really really?

Is the lack of offense really what’s holding back the team under the last 3 coaches?

Has there been any bigger reason for the team faltering down the stretch than depth?

Can P.J. Fleck change the offensive strategy enough to go back to Mason-levels of “eh, good enough?”

Can P.J. Fleck recruit well enough to have the depth to not get steamrolled at the end of the season?

Will we ever finish with a positive turnover margin again?

Could anyone successfully explain to the non-rev sports that football should get the largest amount of support because football brings in the most revenue to support them?

Is there a way to develop OL that doesn’t involve throwing them all in the Thunderdome and if anyone survives?

Can we really have more than one productive WR at a time?

Are we our own biggest enemy in regards to beating wisconsin?

Or, perhaps more likely, why is there a gigantic Hapsburg-centric conspiracy to allow the badgers to beat us?

Is there a schematic change we need to make defensively to be more effective for the entire season?

How big of a deal will a lack of punting experience be for this team?

Have Gophers Special Teams been built on an Indian burial ground since 2005?

Will we ever get another recruit again?

Was keeping Carter Coughlin in-state a mirage, and we won’t keep any high-level in-state recruit ever again?

Will we ever get someone with a brain to be a columnist in this state to write about football?

Just how far back did Tim Brewster set this program?

Should Joel Maturi be brought to trial for his negligence?

The worst thing is that as I continue to ask questions, more keep popping into my brain. So while I try to figure out why Goldy the Gopher can spin his head, I’m just appreciative that he wears pants. Because unlike other mascots in the conference, Goldy is for the children and shouldn’t have a restraining order in place keeping him 1,000 feet away from schools and churches.

But seriously, what will it take to get another Minnesota OL drafted outside of a breakdown in diplomacy between North and South Korea?