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Iowa Hawkeyes Mailbag Answers

Sohpie’s Choice

Ohio State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

55-24 or 6-4?

- vaudvillain

Man, oh man. That seems like an impossible choice. I’m gonna need some help. Let’s take a look at the highlights, shall we?

On the one hand, fuck you safety. I mean look at that (right around the 9:50 mark). The punter runs for the corner, taking up as much time as he can, with over 8 minutes to go in the game (!), and the line, they’re just straight up tackling everyone. It’s glorious.

On the other hand, Pole Cat, utter domination, Urban Meyer getting fucked, Long Snapper almost gets a TD. Mega Douche Bro Bosa getting tossed for being super dirty.

Yeah, I refuse to pick. They’re both fantastic and I’ll bring them both up from here to eternity.

Just how did Nebraska end up with Council Bluffs?

- LincolnParkWildcat

Because they lost to Iowa 56-14

Iowa fans feelings on the Rose Bowl at Pasadena, California: Holy Grail or McCaffrey Siren’s Call?

- KetteringLex

Holy Grail, duh. It’s the gotdamn ROSE BOWL! There is nothing better.

What is the shittiest town in Iowa?

What is the best least shitty town in Iowa?

- Dead Read

Well, now that Council Bluffs is in Nebraska, it’s gotta be Keokuk. It is not a nice place.

As for the best place. Quite a few will say Iowa City, and with good reason. It’s pretty great. A couple good breweries, good food options, the university is there. It’s all around excellent. But the #1 place, in my book, is Decorah. It’s home to one of the very best breweries in the world (and my personal favorite brewery), Toppling Goliath. Mabe’s Pizza is there, some of the best damn tavern style you can have. And there are some damn good other food options in a town that size. It’s also in the driftless region of NE Iowa. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Love Decorah.

If Iowa could 55-24 any other B1G team, who would it be?

- theguyfromy-wega

I’m going to parse this a bit, and take it is a given of the question that Iowa will continue to do that to OSU, as you specified “other”. To which, I think, the answer is obvious. UNL can’t even rise to that level. And Minnesota isn’t a threat for the division. Fuck wisconsin.

How does it feel to be good enough to beat a top 5 team or to finish with fewer than 5 losses but not both?

3 times in a row now.

- br27

Yeah, it’s a bit frustrating. But still, those wins are more fun than the losses suck.