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Minnesota Mailbag Request

Do you have something you want to know about Minnesota? Well, be polite and feign interest anyway. You’re Midwesterners.

SBN attempting to respond to WSR’s technical difficulties. Actually, the failed tackler here is putting forth exponentially more effort, but I’m trying to make this football-related, so bear with me.

Scene: WhiteSpeedReciever sits alone in his cave, prevented from making the technological communications via OTE to which he has grown accustomed. Not only is this a personal hardship for him, as he loves his readers so, it’s kind of annoying for everyone, because it’s Minnesota week, and we’d like him to tell us more about the impending salvation of Gopher football via one PJ F. Fleck.

The lights flicker as he types another email to SBN technical support, imploring them to fix their horrible 2FA bugs and allow him to log on with his new phone. But there is nothing, only typing into the void. And then, the lights go dark, and he is alone.

Hi there! BRT here. WSR’s having trouble with his 2FA and it won’t let him log on to OTE, which is a problem because it’s Minnesota week. SBN support is being unresponsive. So, he’d like you guys to lob a few questions his way so he can answer them.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

—The current nature of PJ Fleck worship in the Minnesota fanbase

—Something about their QBs and how they’re usually pretty bad

—Favorite casserole recipes

—Who you’d rather be stuck in a car with on a cross-country trip: Pitino or PJ?

—Is 90s Andie McDowell as good as it gets?

Anyway, have fun! Ask questions! Throw poor WSR a bone while he sits in his cave of “connectivity issues.”