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The Michigan Wolverines Now Have A Quarterback Capable Of Beating Michigan State

Check. Your move, Dantonio.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Michigan vs South Carolina
He sees the game differently
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What would Michigan State week be without getting interrupted for some news about Jim Harbaugh?

Some of our critics say Off Tackle Empire needs to conform to established standards of journalism. In taking something that was supposed to be solely about the Michigan State Spartans and turning it into a discussion of Jim Harbaugh, I hope to bring us one step closer to the rest of the college football media.

Anyway, here’s the story. Just when you thought the Michigan Wolverines had locked down the national title by successfully recruiting Shea Patterson, they’ve taken an even bigger step towards ensuring that their rival speed bump that is in no way a rival cannot thwart their ambitions by bringing in an expert consultant on defeating the Spartans; a grizzled veteran presence that can help Michigan tuck Little Brother into bed once and for all, and step in himself to lead the rally if necessary.

Jeff George, Jr.

With this transfer, Jeff George, Jr. has become the only quarterback on the Michigan roster to play against Michigan State and defeat them. Proud though they may be, Michigan has not let their pride blind them to the opportunity to learn from their superiors the Illinois Fighting Illini.

The press has not yet reached Mark Dantonio for comment, but those in his office when the news was delivered say it went down like this.