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Big Ten Media Days 2018: Open Thread

Talking about writing about what I’m doing. Now I’m singing about talking about writing about what I’m doing.

Big Ten Media Days are happening today and tomorrow!

Actually, that’s not really exciting. But maybe, just maybe, you have some thoughts about it? Here are the major storylines I’m tracking:

[1] Team-specific swag!

Apparently you can get oars or some shit for Minnesota at these things, along with more general conference apparel like a football for coaches and players to sign. That, in and of itself, is not exciting.

Stew, however, doubts that you can get anything that exciting that’s Iowa-themed! We disagree. So far, WSR and I thought of:

  • An Iowa-themed loaf of Wonder Bread
  • Iowa-branded flavorless gum
  • Rock(TM), brought to you by MediaCom and Hy-Vee [$49.99]

What other team-branded goods would you like to see offered at Big Ten Media Days?

[2] LincolnParkWildcat is attending the Kickoff Luncheon and coaches meet and greet tomorrow!

In the past, LPW has asked Mike Riley about the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy and posed for a photo with Big Ten coaching luminaries like Jim Harbaugh .

I had to wait 30 minutes in line to get this picture.

This year, he’s got a request:

OTE: What questions do you want me to ask the coaches?

MNW is right, I did indeed ask Mike Riley if he intended to bring back the $5 Bits of Broken Chair trophy in 2015.

[3] Other hilarious things we do!

Do you have a Bingo card? Some other witty way of pointing out that this is a two-day exercise in tired, hackneyed coach-speak? Let us know in the comments.


TV: BTN (11:30a-6p, Monday; 8a-6p, Tuesday)
Online: FoxSportsGo


11:30am - Overlord Delany
12:15pm - Team GPA, etc., Go ‘Cats
12:45pm - Future Tennessee HC Jeff Brohm
1pm - Future Notre Dame HC Ohio State recruiting coordinator PJ Fleck
1:15pm - Chris Ash, I guess
1:30pm - Reigning Big Ten East Fourth Place Officeholder


8am - Iowa Wonder Bread salesman
8:15am - A guy slightly less disappointing than Kevin Wilson?
8:30am - Mr. Lays himself
8:45am - Get your “Many Faces of Lovie Smith” Bingo card ready!
9am - Barry Alvarez and his Paul Chryst marionette
9:15am - The guy who took BTN off Comcast
9:30am - Cotton Bowl Champion Urban Meyer
9:45am - I don’t know DJ Durkin well enough to say anything witty here
10am - Pravda Coordinator of Referees Bill Carollo

Enjoy the thread, folks.