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Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer Grounded, Loses XBox Privileges For A Week And A Half

The Ohio State coach will be spending the next couple weekends in his room thinking about what he did.

COLUMBUS, OH — Ohio State Buckeyes head football coach Urban Meyer has been grounded for an entire week and a half, athletic director Gene Smith announced today.

“Effective immediately, Coach Meyer is grounded until the end of classes on Tuesday, August 28th,” Smith said in today’s press conference. “The athletic department has also seen fit to take away his XBox and advised him that he is not to use cellular data on his phone. If he does, we will know.”

The punishment comes in the wake of the Zach Smith scandal, in which it was unclear whether or not Meyer knew about the history of domestic abuse allegations against his since-dismissed receivers coach and failed to report him as required under Title IX. The university completed an investigation of the matter today, resulting in Meyer’s grounding.

“We decided grounding Coach Meyer for a week was an appropriate punishment,” Gene Smith said during the presser when asked about the length of the sentence, explaining that Meyer had an adverse reaction when presented with his punishment initially. “I was unable to explain to Coach Meyer that no amount of sitting there pouting and refusing to cooperate with the investigation would make him less grounded. The Board of Trustees therefore deemed it appropriate to extend Meyer’s punishment to a week and a half so that he loses two weekends with his friends instead of just one.”

Smith continued by explaining that Meyer “knows what he did and why we had to ground him,” and said that he thinks two weekends inside thinking about what he’s done while all the other coaches play outside without him will be enough for Meyer to learn his lesson.

Meyer could not be reached for comment. In a since-deleted tweet, Meyer contemplated calling coach protective services to report his administration for coach abuse and wished he had Michigan State’s administrators, stating that “they let Mark stay up late all the time and do whatever he wants.”