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“Law & Order: Special Teams Unit” and “Canada’s Calling The Shots”: OTE Podcast Returns

Two segments to get you past the offseason and into FOOTBALL MODE

NCAA Football: Ohio State-Urban Meyer Press Conference Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Off Talkle Empire is back with a two-parter!

We spent a good 20 minutes recapping the summer in legal misadventures, so here’s “Law&Order: Special Teams Unit”

0:43 - Win Fight Try Brewster of the Week: Lager of the Lakes, Bell’s (Kalamazoo, MI)
1:22 - Michigan State
3:03 - Maryland
8:15 - Some Ohio State University
13:35 - Wisconsin
15:25 - Indiana
16:18 - Iowa
17:19 - Your Fulmer Cup Champion Rutgers Scarlet Knights
17:59 - The Great Fighting Illini Deer Heist
19:15 - Week Zero Recap

Now that you’re past the offseason, take a listen to our actual Week 1 preview, “Canada’s Calling The Shots”

0:15: Minnesota vs New Mexico State and the Annexstad/Sitkowski saga
5:24: Northwestern at Purdue and why are we playing a conference game in August?
13:18: Utah State at Michigan State
15:30: Wisconsin vs Western Kentucky, who played in a bowl game despite a loss to 2017 Illinois
17:06: Bold prediction about Illinois vs Kent State
18:42: Texas State at Rutgers and developing a quarterback
25:12: Texas at Maryland and thwarted Urban Meyer conspiracies
29:30: Oregon State at Ohio State
30:17: Northern Illinois at Iowa
33:50: Indiana at Florida International, who once fired Mario Cristobal for Ron Turner
36:07: Akron at Nebraska and Big Ten initiation by losing to MAC teams
38:50: Notre Dame vs Michigan: Eew
43:10: Dicktrip Predictions

Here we go! Look for us on iTunes and leave a review if you liked us.