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Why Buckeye Fans Should Not Care If Urban Meyer Gets Fired

Closing arguments in flux

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So in a bit of an upper management blunder, I was tasked with writing the closing arguments for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team. This was a colossal mistake for two reasons. One, my legal expertise is limited to the “Peter Blunt” System.

Second, how on earth can we make any sense of the upcoming season without knowing the fate of legendary coach Urban Meyer? Apparently Ohio State expects to finish their investigation in a couple of weeks, which means they already know the outcome of the investigation. If I were a betting man, then I would say he is keeping his job, as if they were going to fire him, there would be no reason to prolong it.

However, I am going to make the case on why Ohio State fans should not care either way. DISCLAIMER, of course Ohio State fans, and everyone else, should care about the social implications. There are many facets to this story, not limited to the horrific nature of spousal abuse, with a good dose of when and how you should you act on allegations. The decision making process on this sort of thing is way above my pay grade, so I am going to comment on this situation specifically from a football point of view, just like I am sure all of the commenters below.

Urban Meyer is a legendary coach, that has won national titles at two separate schools, and finished undefeated at another, helping push them from a G5 program to a Power 5. His record at Ohio State is nothing short of amazing. A national title, another season undefeated, another season in the playoffs, another season with a good case to be in the playoffs. He has won 9 out of 10 games. Not bad for a 7 year run. Not to mention a 4-2 bowl record for the Buckeyes and an 11-3 bowl record over all.

And all of that really doesn’t matter. Ohio State football is much bigger than Urban Meyer. Since 1950, Ohio State has been graced with the presence of 5 coaches. That’s a lot of stability. Three of those 5 coaches have won national titles. The other two were really close. Earle Bruce was a yard away from knocking off USC in the Rose Bowl and winning in 1979. John Cooper finished number 2 twice, and quite frankly had a pretty good argument in 1996, knocking off undefeated Arizona State, who was one of three teams to beat Nebraska in a 5 year span.

Ohio State football will be just fine, no matter who the coach is. And speaking of Nebraska, that brings me to something else I am sure the comments section would love to talk about, potential Meyer replacements. My personal choice is “Slow” Pelini, my nickname for him when he was a piece of burnt toast in the secondary at Ohio State. I would love nothing more than a spittle drenched Buckeye team crushing the dreams of a Scott Frost led Nebraska squad.


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