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Which road games are you attending in 2018?

Talking our plans for hitting the road for Big Ten football in 2018. Come share lodging tips, stadium reviews, travel advice, beer and bar recommendations, and anything else you can think of.

Penn State Hosts First Football Game Since Child Sex Abuse Scandal Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

When the clock flips to tomorrow, we will be three weeks—just three short weeks!—from Big Ten football. There’s still lots to hash out, with a cloud looming over Ohio State football, conferences left to preview, and a bevy of Closing Arguments for our writers to make, but there’s time to think ahead to the fun stuff, too...

I’ve been a fortunate guy, not just to be in my late 20s and still chugging along through graduate school, but to have had a wonderful girlfriend/fiancee/wife who tolerates my travel most of the time. She’s road-tripped to Indiana with me, sighed but watched on as I drove through the night to get to the Outback Bowl—and not the fun 2010 one—and even hosted a tailgate for us in madison ahead of the Snowball Game.

All that’s a way of saying that on my Big Ten Stadiums list, I’ve checked off a great deal:

  • Ryan Field
  • TCF Bank Stadium
  • Camp Randall
  • Kinnick Stadium
  • Memorial Stadium (Lincoln)
  • Memorial Stadium (Champaign)
  • Memorial Stadium (Bloomington)
  • Ross-Ade Stadium
  • Spartan Stadium
  • Michigan Stadium
  • CapitalOne Field or whatever Maryland calls it
  • (In the non-B1G list: Duke’s stadium and a bevy of bowl games. Haven’t done enough non-conference traveling, but hopefully that’ll change when NU heads to Stanford.)

That means on the to-do list, I’ve got...

  • Ohio Stadium
  • Beaver Stadium
  • HighPoint whatever it is

You didn’t come here to read me talking about my travels. If you did, you’d be pretty pathetic, and I just don’t wish that on you unless you’re a wisconsin fan.

Anyway, this is just a post to ask: Where are you traveling for Big Ten football in 2018?

My plans are to hit most of the Northwestern home games (save missing the Duke opener because I’m in Sioux Falls and the Nebraska game because of another fucking fall wedding stop having these, it is not that hard), the Minnesota game (seeing as it is a 15-minute drive to TCF Bank Stadium from my house), and possibly the Rutgers game if I can get away from the Urban History Association Conference in Columbia, SC.

As such, I’m taking Rutgers recommendations: Flying to where, which trains/buses to take to Piscataway, tailgating, etc.

Here’s your thread, humble reader, to request/offer advice, compare Big Ten stadium lists, or just brag about the trips you’re taking in 2018. Have fun!