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B1G Players of the Week: Week 2

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Second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder and the same amount of boner uses

If people outside of the B1G really want to understand what this conference and OTE are about, they need look no further than this weekend’s games and gamethreads. We lol’d at our conference mates for losing, we lol’d at each other for playing really close games that we nearly all hoped would be losses, and then, after celebrating the losses and the misery and the near-embarrassing performances, we got mad at each other for making “the conference” look bad. As if we would ever want the other 13 B1G members to win a game just for dumb conference pride.

Even though we want each other’s teams to lose in horrible, embarrassing fashion, we mostly want the individuals on the teams succeed and to have them astonish and impress us. Here are the guys who we liked watching in Week 2:

The Disclaimer

If your team’s favorite player isn’t chosen as a Player of the Week, one of three things happened: (1) It involved a player not involved in Wisconsin’s most recent game; (2) your favorite team’s writer didn’t submit the player for POTW honors; or (3) you favorite team’s player really wasn’t as awesome as you thought.

Sometimes a player will get picked because of the awesome raw stats; sometimes he’ll get picked because of good stats plus situational significance; sometimes he’ll get picked because he did pretty well and plays for Wisconsin; and most of the time he just won’t get picked. Leave your complaints in the comments.

Defensive Player of the Week

Luke Gifford - OLB - Nebraska

11 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks

Dude was all OVER the field last week, doing everything he could to get Nebraska a win. Alas, his pass-interfering teammates kept Gifford from enjoying a win. Gifford picked up some recognition from the team, though, being one of seven Blackshirts Nebraska handed out after this weekend. He may have been snubbed by those foolish B1G voters who selected some of the guys below for B1G DPOTW, but he kept his team in the game and accumulated all those beautiful defensive stats

Other Defensive Players who Played Well on Defense this Week

Trevor Morris - LB - Rutgers - 11 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack

Antoine Winfield, Jr. - DB - Minnesota - 5 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Byron Buxton-esque interception - B1G co-DPOTW

A.J. Epenesa - DE - Iowa - 5 tackles, 2 sacks - B1G co-DPOTW

Special Teams Player of the Week

Emmit Carpenter - K - Minnesota - B1G Special Teams Player of the Week

2/2 FGs, 2 FGs of 50+ yards, 1/1 XP

Carpenter made two monster field goals in a tight game against a (probably) decent opponent. He made critical field goals and, significantly in such a low-scoring game, he didn’t miss an opportunity to add points. He had to suffer the indignity of his self-promoting head coach steal a second extra point out from under him, but Carpenter reportedly handled it well. Finally, by making all his kicks, he made sure Minnesota was far enough ahead to force Fresno State to score a touchdown at the end of regulation, enabling teammate Antoine Winfield, Jr. to earn multiple accolades in this week’s POTW selections.

Slightly Less Special Teams Players of the Week

Adam Korsak - Punter - Rutgers - 376 yards punting

DeAndre Thompkins - PR - Penn State - Returned a punt for what seemed like an important TD at the time

Offensive Player of the Week

Jonathan Taylor - RB - Wisconsin - B1G OPOTW

33 carries, 253 yards (personal best), 7.7 ypc, 3 TDs

I was shocked when I saw Taylor’s total yards at the end of the game. I knew he’d had a big run or two, but I didn’t realize he’d been tearing it up the whole time! As per usual, he fumbled...but let’s be serious. I’ll take 33/253/3 and a fumble every single week. Still, it’d be much better if he knocked it off.

Taylor ran dudes over and dragged players with him for 5+ yards after they wrapped him up. He’s going to do that a lot more this year, as he’s yet again proving how well he runs after contact. He’s also going to be on this list, and on the B1G lists, a couple more times this season. Also because he plays for my favorite time.

I Promise You Taylor Deserved it but these Guys also Played Well

Stevie Scott - RB - Indiana - 31 carries, 204 yards, 1 TD - B1G Co-FOTW

Maryland’s Running Players - Maryland - 53 carries, 444 yards, 5 TDs

Ohio State’s Quarterbacks - QBs - Ohio State - 30/33 (91% completion), 354 yards, 5 TDs

Freshman of the Week

Adrian Martinez - QB - Nebraska

15/20, 200 yards, 1 TD, 1 Int - 15 carries, 117 yards, 2 TDs rushing

That’s a hell of a stat line. Martinez, like his co-OTEPOTW winner Luke Gifford, did nearly everything he could to win the game for Nebraska. I don’t understand why he didn’t get some B1G love for his performance, unless he’s not actually a freshman and/or I don’t know if we’re saying True Freshman of the Week or Redshirt Freshman of the Week or what. Unfortunately and unluckily, Martinez went down with what turned out to be a ligament sprain in the 4th quarter. Hopefully he’s back soon, and given that he’s reportedly day-to-day, he will be, because the conference needs exciting players for people to pick to beat Wisconsin’s defense and then to fail miserably against Wisconsin.

Seriously though, get healthy and get back soon.

I Didn’t Get Any Nominations and this is a Hard Category to Research for so Here’s a Wisconsin Player Who Fared Well and is a Freshman

Scott Nelson - S - Wisconsin - 4 tackles, 1st career INT

Boner of the Week

Purdue. What the. f are. you doing? As if it wasn’t bad enough you committed a really dumb penalty last week to seal you defeat, this week you committed a really dumb penalty to let your opponent drive for the win.

The Herald-Whig (amazing name for a paper, btw) really summed it up:

Then came Saturday’s game against Eastern Michigan.

Sophomore linebacker Cornel Jones was called for a personal foul following a sack on third-and-eight when he shoved quarterback Tyler Wiegers. Instead of forcing fourth-and-long in the waning minutes, the Eagles picked up a first down. Eleven plays later, Chad Ryland made a 24-yard field goal as time expired, stunning the Boilermakers with a 20-19 victory.

Brohm, get it cleaned up, mang.

Other Dumb Things

Illinois got called for roughing the kicker on an extra point.

Actual Great Play of the Week

Just an absurd interception by Antoine Winfield, Jr to help Minnesota seal a win over Fresno State.

Wait that’s not it.

Thaaaat also isn’t it. Hmm.

Oh wait here we go:

Here’s Another Good Plays


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